Persuasive Essay Topics That Will Help You To Stand Out

Finding your perfect persuasive topic can help you not only to stand out but also to speed up and boost your argumentative skills. Research can appear more exciting than you think if to choose the right topic for you. In education, it is one of the most common practices. It gives a freedom of choice and shows how to get interested and motivate yourself in a study. Why not using this splendid opportunity and researching the topic that you personally find not only informative but exciting to investigate as well.

What is a persuasive essay and why do you need to write it?

In contrast to a regular research paper writing, persuasive essay writing is a type of work where a student must convince a reader or hearer of something. The type of work involves much more than factual knowledge. In other words, this type of work requires reasonable and robust argumentation which also makes it an argumentative essay. The author needs to take a stand and argue her or his point. It is not always as easy as it seems.

The aim of every argumentative speech is to analyze your audience, find the best persuasive essay ideas, and choose only those that concern the target audience. They should not only agree o your highlighted problem but also be able to change it. The idea of every speech is to raise a not obvious problem and offer the public to find the relevant solution. The other idea is that you will need a skill of generating persuasive speech examples at work, where your career often depends on your ability to protect your vision.

How to write a persuasive essay

The first step is finding a relevant problem. There are several rules on choosing persuasive essay topics.

  • A topic must be current and contemporary. It is important not only to choose the one that you like the most but to check the news feed and find a connection between the two.
  • A topic must be specific and narrowed. Provide as many specifics as possible to make the speech or essay convincing.
  • A topic has to be controversial or unexpected. Don’t choose the one your potential audience already agrees with such as “Drinking more water will positively affect your health”.
  • It must relate to the audience.
  • A topic must ask for a change. In other words, your work should be a question of policy. The audience you are referring to must or have enough resources to change an issue you are referring to in your work. In other words, it has to be something that the audience can do. On the other hand, there is a passive agreement. It is an agreement that a certain state or institution should take certain measures. Persuasive essay topics can little by little change the world we all live in.
  • There are more than five research works that you can refer to an essay.
  • To find out how to write a persuasive essay, it is enough to refresh your knowledge on how to write an essay. A structure is always the same. There are elements that require special attention to sound persuasive.
  • Word choice is important
  • Proofread is important for writing a persuasive essay. It helps you to sound more intelligent.
  • Give evidence and support the thesis
  • It is reasonable to us imperative.
  • Rephrase sentences to sound convincing.

Choose one of the best persuasive speech topics for college

If you are in the right way, you already know what to talk about and where to source the inspiration. If not, spend some time scrolling feed of respected news and watch what people are concerned about currently. Find the field that seems thrilling to you and start working.

Gender studies

Gender studies are one of the most discussed topics today. There are plenty of educational materials which teach us to be tolerant. What about children? Isn’t it harmful to them to learn about gender if they haven’t experienced any practical experience yet?

  1. Can young moms become students again?
  2. Are gender studies, in which gender is represented as a socially constructed norm, applicable for secondary school education?
  3. Do female lowers privileges in court? How gender reflects career in jurisprudence?
  4. Can men take a paid leave after childbirth? What should a young father do and what shouldn't?
  5. Why should men be initiators of creating a family? Why are female proposals perceived in a controversial way by society?

Studentship and school

The educational system has plenty of questions to ask and problems to resolve. They are students who must bring these questions up to have better conditions for education and leisure.

  1. Is a social year, a gap year or voluntary service year should be an obligatory condition for entering an educational faculty of any university?
  2. Why are college athletes not considered to be paid? Which benefits do they have now?
  3. How can free state education change the current medical situation in the country which is not good?
  4. Should food education be a compulsory part of the elementary and high school program to regulate the level of obesity?
  5. What are the benefits of wearing a uniform for high school students?

Animal rights

Humans can protect animals from humans. We are the ones who abuse them and at the same time the ones who protect them from abuse. Are there any ways to break this vicious circle? What steps can we start doing today in this direction?

  1. Why is it allowed to keep exotic animals at home? How is it possible to prevent animal abuse?
  2. Is circus an entertainment or public torture for animals?
  3. Should there be special teachers for people who decide to have a pit-bull?
  4. Should there be restrictions on the size of a dog living in a flat?
  5. Should shelters stop giving animals to people before Christmas and other holidays?

Health and healthcare systems

Nothing is perfect. When it comes to healthcare, there are plenty of things to change and improve. The system needs reconsideration and attention. Why keep innovative approaches aside? Should people care about mental health as often as about their body?

  1. Does obesity influence general economics of the country?
  2. Why is morning the best time for working out? If there a list of the most efficient exercises?
  3. Is yoga more efficient for body and soul or is it another marketing trick?
  4. Should health insurance be more expensive with age or should it always be the same?
  5. Can the death penalty be a relevant excuse for taking someone’s life?

Food industry

The food industry has plenty of pros and cons today. On the one hand, there are new technologies that allow society not to be in hunger, but on the other hand, we can’t control the food industry and gain problems like obesity. It is necessary to be in charge of all the health consequences.

  1. Is it easy to choose healthy food in terms of the modern food industry and marketing decisions?
  2. How can a person prevent obesity without giving up the culture of food and the joy of having it?
  3. What is less harmful to the human body: alcohol or white sugar?
  4. Should there be a “sin tax” for fast food and other unhealthy food?
  5. Should the menu of college food costs be reconsidered?

Social networks top questions

Social networks are all around us. They develop much faster than we manage to regulate new rules. It is necessary to keep track of changes. Otherwise, the consequences will be under control.

  1. Should there be restrictions for social networks in school or college?
  2. Should we put a sticker on our camera or social networks are safe to use?
  3. How can social life develop the feeling of being lonely? Why is loneliness underrated by healthcare institutions?
  4. What is the right age for having a first social network page?
  5. What type of social network is more profitable and motivating than disruptive?

Innovations and novelties

The world is changing drastically. Humanity developed DNA less than a hundred years ago, and today we are trying to implement an idea of genetic engineering. There is serious consideration of Mars colonization and multi-galaxy civilization. Ignoring novelties and innovations is a tactic that leads to nowhere. It is necessary to make progress into account. Therefore motivation and argumentative speeches are necessary on this topic today.

  1. How effective can VR glasses be for medical students?
  2. What are the main threats of CRISP and genetic engineering? Should scientists convince society in the importance of genetic engineering?
  3. Why should you consider being a volunteer for Mars colonization today?
  4. How can GMO make the food better?
  5. Are automated driving systems helpful or dangerous?

Ecology and environment

Today the question of ecology and environment is one of the urgent ones. There are so many things to reconsider and to change. The world has to be a better place to live. Humans are the only ones who can change it.

  1. Why should you be a part of the world ocean cleaning systems?
  2. What are the real danger of plastic for human beings and animals and how can it be solved without avoiding using it in everyday life?
  3. Should we protect species that are in a red book or just let evolution act according to the plan?
  4. Should there be more educational improvement in environmental studies? Should they be obligatory in every school and college?
  5. Why is fashion the second harmful industry for the environment? How to decrease the harmful impact?

Self-improvement and leadership

There are so many discussions on what is helpful for personal self-esteem and what is destroying. People often underestimate the possibilities of self-education. Today many things that seemed to be traditional are changing and reconsidered. Is education an obligatory element for high-quality professionals? Who is CEO of the company: guru or highly qualified manager?

  1. Should students consider traveling as a part of educational process? Or is it frivolous?
  2. It is required to read a certain amount of books to proceed in self-improvement, or watching movies and podcasts would be enough?
  3. How can a freelancer become a leader?
  4. Can modern CEO a be a high-quality manager without being a good leader?
  5. Are bloggers new leaders? How can society exist without lifestyle influencers?

Marketing and management

These two fields are among the most fast-developing ones. Every year there are new techniques, ideas, needs, and problems. Specialists of those branches must educate themselves every year to be up-to-date and modern. Today there are the most discussed topics which require attention.

  1. Can marketing be harmful? Should society pay more attention to marketing tips and tricks?
  2. How advertising impact the irritation level? Can it be the reason for anxiety and uncontrolled emotions?
  3. What is the role of bloggers and influencers in modern marketing?
  4. What is the main point of scram processes? Is it a significantly new approach to modern management process?
  5. Is time management one of the top qualities of successful students?

Bottom line

There are always topics to discuss. Every field has questions that need attention. The problems may have a simple solution when to pay more attention to them. Raise questions that we can answer today and on which we can start finding solutions. The skill of convincing argumentative speech is required for every person in every situation be it convincing your boss that you need a higher salary or financing your innovative system for ocean cleaning. Argumentative essay is a key to many doors. The sooner you learn how to use it, the better for you and your career. Constant practice is helpful for finding the problem that you would like to be solving the next 80,000 hours which is the average time for every person to devote to a career during their life.