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Essay on Death Penalty: Pros and Cons

27 May 2016Useful Articles

In fact, essay about “Pros and cons of a death penalty” is a quite popular topic to talk about. Probably it’s because there’s still no definite consensus in society about the capital punishment: this discussion lasts for centuries so far. Therefore many teachers in high school, college or university often eager to give students this kind of topic to think about.

Essay on Death Penalty: Pros and Cons

Further, We'd like to give a few useful tips on “Pros and cons of a death penalty” essay writing and also mention some life hacks on how a good essay is made in general. So let’s start from the basics!

Any essay is composed out of five parts: introduction, 3 body parts and conclusion. So your first goal is to formulate your opinion which you’ll have to defend in the rest parts of the text.

How to Develop any Topic?

If you ever felt out of ideas for a text, this tip is for you. There’s a good old model that will help you to discuss any subject for hours: its history, its scope and its future. This model will help you to cope with the body parts. Whether you’re writing an essay on death penalty: cons and pros or on any other subject in your homework writing, this formula always works perfectly.

Let’s find out How it Works

  • History

You can mention the origins of the concept, its historical significance, its evolution in terms of social relationships and technological progress and the attitude in different countries. Be free to use interesting historical facts, famous quotes, political significance and even any other reference in a social life of mankind. Since we’re talking about an essay on death penalty: pros and cons, which is an opinion essay, your main objective is to choose and to interpret those facts in order to communicate your point of view in a most convincing and intelligible way. For example:

“In Middle Ages people were executed for witchcraft and still…”

“A Holy Bible says “an eye for an eye”, but personally I find Dr. King’s quote more…”

  • Scope

From this point of view we’re most likely about to discuss our subject in a present dimension: how it is applied, what does it represent in a modern world, how good or bad it is for us. Discuss in what cases you believe this phenomenon could be justified or condemned. Be free to use statistics, latest researches and any other reliable sources, which can help you thinking in a positive way, like a "Yes, I can write my essay on death penalty!" For example:

“The official statistics says that during the last 30 years about 40 innocent people were…”

“It is remarkable, that in Portugal, where death penalty was abolished in 1867…”

  • Future

To our mind this is the most creative part. You should think of the future of the phenomenon, what it’s going to be in some years, does it need any change in the closest future. According to our current topic, this part seems to be the most appropriate for summing up all the pros and cons before the conclusion. For example:

“In my opinion, modern society can afford to pay for a lifetime sentenced person…”

“Whilst there are people who believe in death penalty advantage…”

So generally pros and cons of the death penalty essays are not so hard to pick if you got a clear view on a subject and just follow the easy tips listed above.

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