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Fighting Stereotypes is Really Good for All Students

04 Jul 2016

We don’t think stereotypes can do anything correct in this world except wrong and unfair. Ask yourself if you were born with any stereotypes in your mind. You weren’t. Society made you think about differences. It is still trying to create new ones.

Fighting Stereotypes is Really Good for All Students

Each of us is not like all, each of us is different, and it doesn’t mean that someone is not good, it only means that we are lucky to be unique. A good atmosphere helps everyone to succeed, if talking about studying - destroying all negative stereotypes can boost all students’ grades.

You are Also Unusual for Someone

Have you ever thought that you may also be unusual for some people? Talking about stereotypes about people, don’t follow the crowd, let the person explain and open himself more. Only after that you can make choices and decisions, which would be only yours opinion. Some statements about some people may be true, but certainly not all of them are.

You are the Only Creator of Your Fears

Often stereotypes only make you find some reasons not to do those things you want to do. If you want to visit dance classes but have some doubts whether it is suitable for real men, imagine who is going to be the best at dance school, if no one will try doing it. Also you can easily buy an essay online, start singing, writing etc. Note, that one of those incomprehensible stereotypes is able to make you fear. If you want the truth - try to search it not among stereotypes.

Don't be Afraid to Think

Think about what personal attributes you value the most. When your friend helps you in your difficult time, is it important whether he or she is:

  • rich or poor?
  • black- or white-skinned?
  • married or unmarried?
  • Christian or Muslim?
  • Iranian or Japanese?

Be courage enough to think differently and to break down traditional stereotypes. That’s why education is so important in this case: there you can learn to analyze. Most false information is caused by the lack of education and self-development.

Let's Fight Together!

Try to share your thoughts about stereotypes. You have all rights to doubt any assertions if you feel that it is not right. Many in this world don’t want us to use our mind and think. Sharing a classroom with students who are protected from negative stereotypes about their group can raise all students’ grades. It has been proven by Stanford research. For every student, it is important to achieve high results and it is much more easier to do that in a psychologically safe environment, where everyone receives affirmations of his or her value.

You Have the Power to Change Everything!

You can become the first to refute stereotypes, even if only one, but then all the rest may be put under the question. Stereotypes only do limits: they limit communication, touch, education, action, belief, progress, growth. Aren’t there enough reasons to start fighting stereotypes?

Why is it Important for Students to Fight Stereotypes

Young age is the most suitable to opt for fighting stereotypes. Parent’s social consciousness is also very important. The child playing in a sandbox with different friends doesn’t see any difference until mom draws its attention to it.

We all can much more if we will be together, everyone is equally important.

And you can do better if open your heart to your friend no matter what skin color he has or which language he speaks!

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