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How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

15 Feb 2017How to

Being mainly accustomed to writing standard papers at school students always face a new structure at the university or college with some hesitation and lack of confidence. Academic works differ from school ones. Usually, they have a 5 paragraph essay structure. They are assigned mainly to freshmen who are not aware of different types of this paper.

How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

What is a five paragraph essay? The definition is extremely simple and is included in the name of this work. This is a paper that focuses on the analysis of the given topic and consists of five basic constituent parts. It might be written on any topic and requires from the student a deep knowledge of the topic he or she writing on.

How To Avoid Mistakes In The 5 Paragraph Essay?

Many students are subjected to making the same mistakes writing an article, and usually, these mistakes are connected with the inability to communicate and follow the instructions. Here are some typical mistakes to avoid writing your 5 paragraph essay:

  • Absence of structural integrity

It means that you use sentences that lack direction. Or maybe they consist of different not coherent fragments, and this will make the whole text obscure and non-structured. Another problem with integrity is absence of the enough evidence number in the body part that will result in a vague and non-persuasive text.

  • Repetition

There is hardly anything more disappointing for a reader than using of the same phrases and terms or ones that are paraphrased. Similar ideas on the same topic do not make it more worthy and just spoil the whole impression of the work.

  • Prefer topics that will not become a burden to you

It is incredibly difficult to research the theme which is not interesting to you because this will make you postpone the task until the last minutes or not finish it at all.

  • Be attentive to details

An efficient paper should consist of great details to receive a quality paper at the end. That is why check for any errors, style you use, formatting requirements to deliver a perfect nursing paper at first try.

How To Write An Efficient Essay Structure?

The structure of work is standard. It consists of:

  1. Introduction. The introduction for 5 paragraph essays for sale should grab reader’s attention, be engaging and capturing. The first sentence must hook the reader: this might be any rhetorical question or a bright example from life. The author can also introduce a topic here and indicate a thesis statement.
  2. Body part. They consist of three parts. Every part should introduce the idea and support it, and it should also contain a topic sentence and three pieces of evidence that support the thesis statement.
  3. Conclusion. This part contains four basic elements: there must be a reference to the construction of the work’s introductory clause, the restatement of thesis, three main arguments mentioned in the body part are to be summarized and the writer presents his final statement explaining the essence of the whole paper.

What Are The Steps On How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay?

For you to understand how to write a paper it is of great importance to know the procedure of writing.

  1. The first important step is to identify what your topic is, usually, it is given by an instructor, but sometimes students have to look for topics themselves. To make a paper efficient always listen to the instructor’s pieces of advice.
  2. Next step is writing a 5 paragraph essay outline in accordance with your topic, but don’t get despaired because if you are aware of the proper structure, it is not difficult to make up an outline.
  3. The next step is the formulation of the proper thesis statement as well as arguments to underscore it.
  4. Then you should develop three supporting pieces of evidence. They have to correspond with each existing argument placing them in the order from the strongest one to the weakest one.
  5. The next step is introduction writing. Your intro must catch attention of your readers even if your do my essay for me task wasn't written by yourself.
  6. Write a proper conclusion to restating your thesis and opening a discussion on how significant offered arguments are.

We hope that now you know how to write a good 5 paragraph essay!

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