Detailed Instructions on How to Cite a Paragraph for Various Formats

When you are making any kind of academic paper, you have to use various sources to bring additional information into your own work. Sometimes you need to use the whole sentence or even a phrase in your paper, and according to general rules, you have to reference all sources correctly. In our guide, you will find useful hints regarding how to cite a whole paragraph in the document.

Why is it so important to cite sources? There are several reasons to do it:

  • To show your readers where you took the information
  • To let readers understand the quality and depths of your research
  • To avoid plagiarism, because citing quotes incorrectly won’t lead you to success.

How to Cite a Paragraph APA Style Properly?

If you need to cite a work of the same author for several times in one paragraph, there is no need to make references at the end of each sentence you write. All you have to do is just put the name of the author at the beginning and then at the end of a paragraph. In the paragraph body, you can reference the author.

Example: In accordance with Fitch’s (2013) study the effect of pollution on Earth presents… Fitch’s work developed facts that had to be tested… The most important moment in his study was… Fitch noticed the harm of pollution… The evidence to prove these guidelines (Fitch, 2013).

How to Cite a Paragraph in MLA Style Correctly?

If you are questioning yourself how to cite a long quotation longer than four lines in MLA style, you need to start a quotation on a new line as a paragraph. Remember you should use double spacing and skip the quotation marks.

Example: A wonderful psychologist and coach William Dou suggests believing in yourself to create your own power:

You should believe in yourself whatever happens in your life. Don’t be too strict and demanding to yourself. Never give up on your way and love yourself, this will give you a wonderful power to reach all your goals and dreams. If you have low self-esteem, there is no way to improve than to change it. The most important thing is to learn how to love yourself. (115)

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