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Steps to Write an Assignment

23 Aug 2016Useful Articles

Assignment is a practical task given to you by teacher. By performing these little tasks you develop the skills of planning, finding necessary information quickly, and learning to correctly express your thoughts on the paper.

Steps to Write an Assignment

As a rule, they have a strictly limited time frame. Thus, you need to begin the implementation early. If you have a very responsible attitude towards this task, the results will be appropriate. Most importantly, properly plan your time because the lack of it is the main problem of all university and college students. Thanks to this article you will learn the steps to write an assignment.

Practical Advices

1. Make a detailed plan

  • It applies to all types of assignments: essay, articles, etc. If this paper includes theoretical and practical part – try to allocate your writing period so that the majority of your time would be spent on a practical part, because theory doesn’t work without practice.
  • Check the schedule with the list of marking points. It is needed to look for criteria of work evaluation. It will help you find things that need more attention.
  • Think of what you need to carry out this task successfully – special facilities, devices, literature, resources, etc.
  • Have a deadline for each part of your task.

2. Do the question analysis

Before starting your assignment writing you have to know what your topic means. Ask yourself some questions:

  • What is my task about?
  • What is the main question?
  • What do I need to do to solve the main problem of my task?

3. As you analyze the question:

  • Look for the proper words and phrases to use in your article. They make your work special. For example, take a thesaurus from university library.
  • Find information in the Internet, libraries, and ask your teachers. Do a bibliography list that you are planning to read during the whole process.
  • Do a draft of your work.
  • Read it for 3-4 times and make necessary notes. It will help you to leave only necessary information.

4. Write your assignment

  • Revise your draft again.
  • Compile the bibliography.
  • Edit the final version.
  • Give the completed task to your teacher.

Life Hacks for Writing an Assignment – Do not Repeat After Others

Students do many mistakes trying to complete a homework paper faster. They miss some steps to write an assignment and it causes the bad quality of work.

  1. Choosing the wrong place to work in. Is it difficult for a fish to work on a tree? The answer is – yes.  People are like different animals – they need special work environment. Try different places: if you need deep silence – choose library, if you can’t live without communication – do it with your friends and so on.
  2. Choose the right time. What time is the most productive for you? Remember it and write articles in the most favorable time.
  3. Make notes. So take a notebook everywhere you go. Newton discovered the gravity power under an apple tree.
  4. Read some assignment writing guidelines of your university. They may have special requirements for your work. It will save your time – there will be no need to correct the mistakes later on.
  5. Turn on the music from computer games. The melody was specially composed to help the gamer stay focused.

So, now you know all the steps to write an assignment and you can tell your friends that you're the best student ever.

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