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What is a Dissertation Methodology?

09 Jun 2016Useful Articles

Methodology in a dissertation is a philosophical and paradigmatical approach about the logic of your academic work. The main complexity is that it can’t be reduced to your paper’s method, data or theoretical background. In return, it is a highly creative part of your paper that requires generalization, conceptual thinking and inventiveness to convince your reader that you are doing a really original and significant research.

Do You Know What is a Dissertation Methodology?

Still, your methodology depends a lot on the methods that you’re going to use as a primary once. There’s a great difference in applying qualitative or quantitative methods, rely on statistics or individual features of an explored subject. But in any case the golden rule still stays the same: the approach should be maximally clear for a potential reader or a reviewer.

Let's Start Writing a Methodology for Dissertation?!

At the same it never matters how pretty your method for study reports is if it doesn’t work as a practical guide for a research. You should always keep in mind that it combines epistemological and practical approaches to the subjects you’ve set to study in your field of knowledge.

Remember, that the dissertation is a highly complicated project that tests your management skills and an ability to set your own questions and find the proper answers in a situation of a limited resource.

Still, without any exaggeration, method turns to be some kind of a spiritual essence of an academic paper. And at the same time, it turns to be one of the trickiest parts of it. Sometimes you really need a helping hand to answer questions “What is a dissertation methodology?” and “How to make it correctly?”

How to Write a Good Methodology for Your Dissertation?

  1. Articulate the strengths and weaknesses of your papers.

We think it’s quite clear that science requires resources and time as much as any other creative process does. But unfortunately our resources are limited – sometimes it’s almost impossible to find enough data to make your research an extra reliable. Any of the scientists clearly realizes the limitations and difference between qualitative and quantitative methods. Your goal, as a scientist, is to find the most efficient methods that will give you maximum data with minimum resource spent. Always keep it in mind during writing a methodology for dissertation.

  1. Study some classical researches before writing your papers.

Just pick some fine samples of study reports and look through them before writing methodology for dissertation. Like in any other sphere the best scientists were mostly good at everything: from generating a great idea for a research to crafting some detailed and comprehensive scientific reports.

  1. Consult with a specialist in this particular field.

Let’s face the truth – any scientist isn’t as good in every subject of his field. It’s obvious that knowledge is so big nowadays that you have to choose between the subjects just because it’s almost impossible to be skilled in everything. So be free to communicate with someone who is known to be good at the subject you’ve picked for a dissertation writing. This connection may help you to save much time and to avoid some basic delusions you are likely to bump into. It’s hard to argue that experience is always the greatest assistant for knowledge!

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