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Plagiarism is a student’s worst nightmare, because of the rigorous repercussions and punishments it may bring. In academic world, plagiarism is associated with low quality, poor professional ethics and general incompetence. That’s why while choosing an academic writing service, the students should pay great attention that the writer creates the work himself, instead of reusing previous papers, and knows how to quote the sources correctly.

How we guarantee no plagiarism in EssayVikings works?

Real Essay Vikings take plagiarism very seriously, because we know how important this issue is to you. That’s why we ensured the plagiarism eradication at every step of the essay writing process.

Papers written from scratch. It all begins with hiring professional writers who sign comprehensive agreements that ensure our clients’ confidentiality and authenticity of their papers. Submitting a plagiarized paper has severe consequences not only for the student, but for the writer as well, as they are legally responsible for stolen content as the authors.

Cutting-edge anti-plagiarism technology. The essay is scanned for plagiarism every time when the writer uploads its parts into the system and then again before it is sent to the client. You can demand a full plagiarism report on your paper.

Professional editorial services. After being written by the writer, the essay goes into the hands of a meticulous editor who checks the sentence structures, corrects grammatical mistakes, deletes typos and verifies that all the quotes are formatted properly and every reference is observed.

Guaranteed revision in case of any suspicions. Last but not least, if you have any doubts about your paper or some of its parts, don’t hesitate to contact our project managers and they will run a thorough investigation on the matter for free and within very short timeframe.

Security and Data Protection

The second most frequent question every student asks when looking for an academic writing service is whether he can get caught. Reputation is a delicate thing and once you tarnish it due to imprudence or negligence, it’s very hard to restore it.

We care about your reputation, because ours depends on it. So in order to keep your mind in peace, we put together a system, where all you need to create an account is an email. All the communication is then done using your username, which should never resemble your real name. This way not even the writer will find out who is behind the nickname and what institution the essay will be used at.

The Writers

Check out our top writers to find the best one for you. Next to their nickname will be number of orders completed, essay titles and reviews. The information is updated regularly after every new order.



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