How to Compose an Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format?

Some academic papers require composing an annotated bibliography. It is a list of resources that were used for conducting research on topic. Do not confuse it with a reference list. A reference list reflects all resources that were cited somehow in your paper.

In MLA format all resources must be included in work, even if you have just read them and did not mention in your work. You should include there all possible books, journals, websites that will help the reader with future studying the subject. Knowing how to format annotated bibliography mla will be an aid for you to make a list understandable and standard.

A work in MLA format includes notes – brief overviews. They are needed for several reasons:

  • For summarizing a resource. An annotation can be written for detecting the main idea of book or article or highlighting features useful for your writing
  • For evaluating a resource. You can also estimate given information. This is needed to help your reader define if resource is essential for future researches on that subject or not
  • The work is needed both for you and your readers. You will know more about your topic, gain critical thinking on it and will be capable of picking only essential pieces of information

How to Apply MLA Style to an Annotated Bibliography?

In this format, it can be both a part of a bigger document or an independent paper. The list should begin on a separate sheet. MLA format for annotated bibliography requires putting the last name of author next to page number situated in the upper corner.

You must align lines with your name, instructor’s name, course, and date to the left side of the sheet. Under them, you need to place topic of your paper. Then you write a thesis statement, which must relate to the sources of information.

MLA format requires writing “Annotated Bibliography” on the next line in the middle.

Begin list of sources in MLA format. Use alphabetical order of authors’ last names to rank it. At first, make a reference line of resource like it is done in any reference list.

Apply the needed format of the line in accordance with a type of each resource. After a reference line, the brief explanation follows. Place it in a separate paragraph.

Then begin with reference of the next resource and its explanation. Continue until you describe all resources. Note that you should not write any conclusions and introductions.

This instruction will help you to understand how to do an annotated bibliography in mla format. Use it for avoiding future mistakes in every work you are going to write.

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