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Getting started

EssayVikings is destined to make your academic life easier. That’s why editing paper with us is so quick and simple. All you need to sign up is an email address.

Then you proceed to the order form. Upload paper that should be edited, provide requirements for editor, choose style of english and citation. After that your order will show up in our database and be visible to all our editors. The editors that know how to handle your project will bid on it. You can choose the editor by three main criteria:

  • Editors’ rating (measured in stars);
  • Personal feedback from previous clients;
  • Quantity and number of completed orders.

After you select the editor, your order is confirmed and the system will ask you to settle the necessary amount of money to your account. When the amount is deposited, the editor will immediately start working on your project. You don’t pay the editor until you’re satisfied.

There are 3 main ingredients to a flawless editing service and EssayVikings have them all:

  • High Standards and Expectations – We have a highly organized editorial team that is capable of handling any paper on any subject, no matter how complex or urgent it is.
  • Guaranteed Quality and Punctuality – The most demanded editors in the industry work under our system because we manage all their orders like clockwork. We accept even the most urgent orders and always deliver high quality papers that will exceed your expectations.
  • Extensive Expertise – Our editors hold degrees in a variety of subjects. We can handle orders of any difficulties.

We never share and ask for your personal details. The only piece of information you need to share is an email. The rest of the communication is done via your personal account. Apart from that, we use very complicated encryption technologies to secure your account.

Orders Info

Just three simple steps. Type your email to create an account. Then complete an Order Form – just fill in the gaps we’ve arranged for you and upload paper that should be edited. When all the information regarding your order is complete, your order appear in our system and editors will bid on it. You could contact editors you like the most directly. When you selected the best one, he starts working on your paper right away.

Receiving your paper is a delight. Simply go into your account and choose the “My orders” section. There you will be able to download the final paper. Just click on it and you’re all set.

Editors Info

Our HR department has a competitive process of selecting the editos who can work for us. We verify their degrees, experience, ask for samples of edited papers and constantly have them undergo professional trainings. So your paper will be custom edited by one of the best editors in your field. Apart from that, you have complete freedom to choose the editor of your paper yourself. Chat with them directly and find the one that you like most.

To ensure you get the highest quality paper, we only hire the best editors who hold either MA or Ph.D. Diplomas. Before any editor starts working for us, they must first pass a test and send edited sample to prove their skills.

Payment Info

Paying for your editing service is easy. First, you add money to your account for deposit. At this stage, it is still your money that you can withdraw at any time. Once you receive your work and are happy with the result, simply release the money from your account to the editor of your essay.

Your privacy and security is important to us. That’s why we use PayPal, one of the safest and easiest ways to pay online. With Paypal, both your transaction and your personal information are 100% confidential.

Our top-quality editors are waiting for your paper!