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How does the service function?

EssayVikings is destined to make your academic life easier. That’s why ordering a paper is so quick and simple. All you need to sign up is an email address and a nickname. The nickname serves as your identity for all the communications, even with your writer.

Then you proceed to fill in the order form. We already chose all the details that you need to tell us about your paper, you just need to submit the form. After that the project will appear in our database and will be visible to all our writers. The writers that know how to handle your project will bid on it. You can choose the writer by three main criteria:

  • Writer’s rating (appears in stars);
  • Personal feedback from previous clients;
  • Quantity and titles of completed orders.

After you select the writer, your order is confirmed and the system will ask you to secure the necessary amount of money on your account. When the amount is secured, the writer will immediately begin working on your project. You don’t pay the writer until he submits the paper to you.

Why work with EssayVikings?

There are 4 main ingredients to a flawless essay and EssayVikings have them all:

High Standards and Expectations – We have a highly organized team that is capable of handling any assignment, no matter how unusual or difficult it is. We employ three layers of checks to make sure your essay is free of plagiarism, mistakes and poor formatting.

Guaranteed Quality and Punctuality – The most demanded writers in the industry work through us because we handle all their orders like a clock. We accept even the most urgent orders and always deliver high quality work that exceeds your expectations.

Extensive Expertise – Out writers have diplomas in a large variety of areas. We can handle even the most rare and laborious assignment.

Affordable Prices – Thanks to a large amount of customers among which many returning clients, we manage to keep the prices low.

Who will handle my paper?

Our Writer HR department has a competitive process of selecting the writers who can write for us. We verify their degrees, experience, ask for sample writing pieces and constantly have them undergo professional trainings. So your paper will be custom written by one of the best writers in your field. Apart from that, you have complete freedom to choose the writer of your paper yourself. Chat with them directly and find the one that you like most.

How difficult is it to order a paper?

Making an order is four simple steps. Type your email to create an account and then choose yourself a nickname. Then complete an Order Form – just fill in the questionnaire we’ve prepared for you. When all the information regarding your order is ready, your project will go online and qualified writers will bid on it. Review the applications and talk to the writers in person. When you assign the writer, he starts working on it immediately.

What if I don’t like the essay the writer sent me?

Direct communication tool gives you the opportunity to discuss the paper with the writer before the project has started and during its completion. It’s up to you to make sure that the writer understands your requirements and vision for the essay.

After the essay is delivered to you, you can ask for revisions of the parts that don’t correspond to original requirements. You don’t release the payment until you consider the project completed successfully. After the payment release, no further corrections will be accepted into work. You can find out more about it in our Terms and Conditions.

Do you write 100% original papers?

All the essays our writers complete are absolutely original and plagiarism-free. The level of professionalism we expect from our writers simply doesn’t allow them to copy paste somebody else’s work. Every project has to be unique and written at it’s best.

As additional measures we employ skilled editors who check, among many other things, that the quotes and references are formatted properly, and run every paper through powerful anti-plagiarism software.

How can I be sure it’s all confidential?

We never ask for your personal information. The only piece of your information you need to create an account is an email. The rest of the communication is done via a nickname that you will come up with yourself. Even our personal essayists won’t know your name or the school you go to. Apart from that, we use very complicated encryption technologies to secure your safe payments and have all our staff sign strict confidentiality agreements.