How to Make the Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography the Right Way

Every person has his or her own saint things and beliefs. For most editors, the Chicago Manual of Style has become the so-called “bible” due to the fact that it covers the useful guide on how to format different information sources. It is commonly used for referencing works in the social sciences. Every student should understand that knowledge of the Chicago regulations provides a number of benefits. 

This is a convenient writing style format that allows putting everything in order. There are seventeen editions, each of which covers useful information on how to do a citation, how to prepare electronic publications, how to make an annotated bibliography Chicago style, etc. If you have been assigned to format a list of sources in this style, just check the 16th edition that provides a complete guide on the Chicago Manual of Style annotated bibliography.

What Must the Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography Format Look Like?

Students usually sigh with relief when crafting the conclusion of a paper until they understand that the final step is to compose a list of bibliography sources used. Each guide has its own rules on how to format a list of works. An annotated Chicago list of works cited differs from a simple list of works cited. You are supposed to add a brief paragraph of up to 200 words describing each source. A teacher may ask either to provide a description or evaluation.

The process of making an evaluative annotated bibliography is more time-consuming and complicated because there are a lot of questions you should give answers to. The most important ones are such as:

  • Has the author achieved his or her goal in this work?
  • Is the quality of the work good or bad and why? 
  • Which methods has the writer used?

The main idea of the Chicago annotated bibliography is to make an in-depth analysis of all sources expressing a well-grounded opinion on each of them. Don't forget that it is necessary to explain how the cited work has contributed to your project. The guide offers formatting rules for an annotated bibliography, in accordance to which, you should use the Times Roman font, make the text double-spaced, and indent paragraphs. 

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