How to Cite a Song in the Academic Papers

Merely all types of essays require the search of information. It is needed to support your main argument and develop the ideas and concepts. At times, you are to quote a certain song. Therefore, you should find out how to cite a song in MLA, as well as how to cite a song in APA format. You should know both formats because they have some differences.

This guide gives close attention to MLA style and reveals the basic guidelines about how to cite a song in text correctly. Citations are needed to avoid plagiarizing. You have no right to simply cut out definite words, thoughts, conclusions of other people and display them as if they are yours. Such violation is disallowed. This rule is used for all cases, and songs are no exception.

Though it rarely happens, some students use the lyrics of different songs to support their main point and draw a certain conclusion. Consequently, you are obliged to know how to cite correctly. In fact, there is nothing complicated when it comes to a song quotation. Nonetheless, a strict order should be kept. While making the in-text citations, you should mention the following essentials:

  • Author(s) of the lyrics
  • The used lyrics
  • Title of the song you use
  • Album title
  • The way a song was recorded
  • The label of the recording company
  • Year of release
  • URL of the website where you found the lyrics

Memorize the mentioned above points. They are required to make the correct citations. If you miss any of them, you will make a mistake which leads to the loss of important grades.

How to Cite a Song in Details

After you memorize the basics of song citing, you should learn more details. It is important to clearly understand how to fulfill every step. We are going to cast more light on this essential matter.

When you quote definite lyrics, you should begin with the name of the author. Give him/her first and last names. Afterward, mention exact words you have used. You should give song title in quotations. Your next step is to provide the album from which the chosen derives.

You should likewise know that it’s required to describe the way your song was recorded. Many students forget about this crucial necessity. This might be CD, MP3, or cassette. Accordingly, you are likewise obliged to specify the label of the company which recorded this music piece. Finally, you are to introduce the website where you have found the song and its lyrics. In this event, you should indicate the name, time when you accessed this data and the entire URL of the resource.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about making song quotations. Everything you need is commonly given on the website where you get the lyrics of the chosen song. You only should settle the things properly.

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