How to Cite a Blog in Many Styles Like a Professional Writer?

More resources of information become valid for academic writing. The times of libraries are going away, making way for the Internet. Usually, they contain a lot of useful and unique information. They are authors’ personal thoughts and researches and cannot be found in regular textbooks or newspapers. In order to use the information from any post, no matter where you have found it, you need to know how to cite a blog in apa, Chicago, and MLA.

What Do You Need to Learn?

At first, you have to be confident that is a blog you are going to cite. As a rule, it is a set of articles that are written by one author or a group of authors and unified by one or several common subjects. It can be written formally or informally. The author has a virtual dialog with the readers and tells them about something that interested him.

You can find different variations of posts: informative articles, reviews, advertising articles, etc. We are talking about the Internet now, so it can be found on corporate or personal websites, on social media or special resources for posting articles.

Before citing within any style you need to know the following information about it:

  • The name of the resource. Define the name of the blog, if it has it
  • Know the title of the post you are going to cite
  • The date of publication
  • The author or authors of the post. Sometimes it cannot be obtained
  • The site or the platform the resource is situated on

For some styles, you will also need to note the full date of the last access to the website to cite in a proper manner. This information will be enough for proper referencing and citing a post in all styles. The main difference between them is the order the information is given in the reference entry.

How to Cite a Blog in MLA?

Indicate the author’s full surname and name separated by a comma. Then indicate the title in the quotation marks. The name is written in italics. Then indicate the publisher if its name is different from the blog name. Indicate the date of publishing and then provide the URL or a direct link (without http) if you need to know how to cite a blog post mla.

Example: Doe, John. “5 Ways to Write a Book.” Blog About Something, PlatformName, 5 Jul. 2018, (date of access is optional)

How to Cite in APA?

In order to cite in APA,  you have to begin with the author’s surname and the initial letter of the name. Then you need to indicate the date of publishing in such order: year, month, day and cover it with round brackets. Then place the name of the post without quotation marks but adding this in the end: [Blog post]. Then write “Retrieved from” and provide a link to the post.

Example: Doe, J. (2018, July 5). 5 Ways to Write A Book [Blog post]. Retrieved from

If you need to realize how to cite a blog in apa with no author, begin with a screen name or a post title.  

How to Cite a Blog in Chicago?

In Chicago style, you need to make a footnote. If a resource played a significant role in your work, you can add it to the reference list. For making a footnote you need to indicate the author, the title in quotation marks, the name of the site or the platform in italics with adding (blog), the date of publication (month date, year) and provide a full link.

Example: John Doe, “5 Ways to Write a Book.” PlatformName (blog), July 5, 2018

With this information, you can easily cite posts in your academic writing. The rules of how to cite may vary and change from time to time, as the styles are being always improved.

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