How to Cite Evidence in an Essay that Reflects Your Opinion

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a great writer able to express some ideas to the reader concisely and in an interesting way? Or, maybe, you have wondered how to cite evidence in an essay? Do not worry because you improve your writing skills and opinion expression ability during your whole life, and all you need is good practice. Are you familiar with anybody who was born with a talent for writing? We are confident that you are not. It is all about one’s desire to develop oneself.

Keep our pieces of advice in mind when you start writing your opinion essay, and you will succeed.

What is an opinion essay? It is the one that helps you to present your worldview. Almost any essay should contain an investigation on a certain topic which is built upon some evident facts and includes the writer’s thoughts as well. Today we will teach you how to express your opinion without spoiling your essay.

The Main Tricks for You to Consider:

Here are our pieces of advice on adding credibility to any of your essays and how to cite textual evidence in an essay while expressing your own thoughts on the topic.

  • Your thesis statement in the introduction must flow through the entire essay. Before you start writing, take some time to develop the theme and collect your ideas on that topic.
  • Use reliable sources only. This way you put some scientific evidence to your idea. This way the question of how to cite evidence in an argumentative essay is answered.
  • Take some useful notes or draw diagrams. You need to visualize your thoughts in some way including the evidence.
  • Every idea should be well explained. You might ask: “Can I use my opinion in an essay?” You can but try to explain and cite some evidence for every small detail you mention.
  • When working on your draft, emphasize your main idea and make your arguments clear, and the readers will trust you.
  • Do not include any pointless details. They will just distract the reader from the point cited and make your essay less worthy.
  • The statement sentences of each passage should propose some examples.
  • Each paragraph should describe and support the thesis, making up the hypothesis of the essay.
  • Any paper has to be written without giving one’s own radical judgments and without the writer’s radical desire to take some side in a conflict or discussion.
  • The last passage is to strengthen the hypothesis and the key thoughts supporting it. Do not present anything new as it does not make sense.
  • Revise your draft. Make yourself confident that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

All in all, do your best to make all the data clearly and successfully presented to the reader and evidence cited as well. When you have finished it, be prepared for possible criticism. Take all the advice into consideration and make your next paper or assignment better.

Analytical and Component Thinking is All You Need

There are numerous styles and templates of composing argumentative papers, so building up a good writing methodology will offer you some help through your education.

Personal opinion essays or any argumentative papers can be a big challenge even for proficient scholars. That is because important conclusions should be given by the individuals who know the most about your subject, by the experts. But there is a place for your personality for certain. In other words, there is nothing wrong with your view expressed in a paper but it must be strengthened by evidence.

The Only Way to Avoid Writing an Opinion Essay

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