Composing Good Topics For Outstanding Compare Contrast Essay

This kind of assignment requires a good knowledge of the overviewed subjects and keeping in mind the basic structure. Good topics for a compare and contrast essay are a meaningful part of the whole paper: they emphasize the essence and shows writer’s overall competence in what is happening. The first aim of this task is to consider from various standpoints different related things, your comprehension, and use fullness of the subject. The exact and bright subject is an aid both to author and reader: it will tune the thoughts up and reveal the hidden ideas and facts.

Compose Your Compare and Contrast Essay Like a Pro

Every type of a paper or essay has got its own features and regulations that distinguish it from others and help an author to write. As for the compare and contrast essay, some of its features will be helpful for you in finding an idea for a topic. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the differences or similarities of certain subjects or objects. These aspects should not be emphasized; they are used to create some significant rationale for subjects. Before looking for good topics to compare and contrast in essays look at the things that may be crucial for writing this paper:

  • Pick the subjects that can be compared. They should differ enough for comparison and belong to one category, e.g., “Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture” or “Homemade Juice vs. Bottled Juice.” 
  • Choose the subjects that can have an unexpected similarity. This rule contradicts the one mentioned before if you can find something common for two things that seem to be absolutely unrelated. Picture the situation when you can compare mosquitos and bats. One is an insect, the other is a mammal, but they both drink blood.
  • Otherwise, you can connect your subject to several things that may seem to be the same but are absolutely different. This way works well for comparing books and movies, plays, cartoons, etc. For example: “The Lord of The Rings: Movie vs. Book.” 
  • Also, you can pick even one subject and analyze its different features. This approach is usually used in biographical essays: “W. Churchill: A Conservative and Reformer.” 
  • Mind the structure of the paper. In compare and contrast essay you need a good structure of the text. You can choose to describe every subject one by one or single out a feature and adjust the subjects to it. Firstly, try to compare, and contrast. This is an unspoken tradition of such kind of essays.

Your subjects should be discussed in a significant, meaningful way. Again, your essay must not be only about differences and similarities. You need to persuade your reader that the events and things you describe are interesting when they are gathered together in your essay.

What is Important for Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

The rules given earlier will be of great assistance while composing a compare and contrast paper, but you should pay even more attention to making up a good topic. Many authors mention that choosing an appropriate topic may take as much time as the whole essay. A topic for the comparison also requires for you to know some rules.

  • Show that you are closely familiar with the subject of the paper. There is no chance for your essay to be successful if a reader sees the lack of competence concerning the subject. Make certain you’ve done the necessary research of different sources. A profound knowledge will be of help you both with the topic and the main body of the essay.
  • The subject has to be exact. All good topic for compare and contrast paper describe the peculiarities or are related to some real time or place. The pages limit of your essay will never be enough if your ideas are too general. The essay must give a structured answer to the imaginary question “Why are these things being compared?”. Agree, that the topic “War Triggering Distinctions Between South and North” looks less exact than “Main Economic Differences of Combatants in the Civil War” or even “Economic Situation in the USA Before the Civil War.” 
  • One of the good ideas about writing a contrast essay for students is mentioning something that concerns college or school life. This will work for those who have essays on sociology, psychology or any other humanitarian science. Figure out what problems thrill students and how your essay can be interesting even for the most uninterested reader. Look through some examples. A good topic should be important and essential. Try to mention something that is crucial to your school or college mates: “Half-Time and Full-Time Job: The Best Choice for Students,” “Harvard vs. Yale: Time for Admission,” “Pros and Cons of Post-Graduate Education.” 
  • If your essay is related to any branch of science, you need to apply suitable criteria. We mean that no one will read your essay if the subjects are compared using strange methods or features. For example, there is no need to write about sociological aspects of insects’ life, as the sociology cannot be applied to such undeveloped animals. Topic “Sociology of Apes and Humans” will do, because these mammals show the basic sociological features.

Making Good Topics For a Compare and Contrast Essay: Things To Remember

Now we will talk about some general rules of choosing and composing good compare and contrast essay topics. They can be applied to other kinds of essays well. These ideas are aimed at helping you to catch the reader's attention and prepare them for interesting reading.

  • Single out the main point of the paper. It could be shown somehow in the topic itself or the introduction of your paper. The main point is the reason for the very existence of your work. You can prove the urgency of the essay or pick the ideas that are important. Try to use words that will bother your audience somehow or trigger its interest: “Civil and Traditional Marriage in Modern Life,” “The Unseen Importance of Leisure and Work For Human’s Body.” 
  • The topic may look like an alternative or general question. It will help your audience to be in a positive mood for the reasons you are trying to reflect: “Cats and Dogs. What Pet is The Finest?”, “How to Choose a Family Car?”. The question should not contain your personal opinion on the question. The topic “Cats are Worse Than Dogs, aren’t they?” will not do well for a compare and contrast essay. In general, author’s opinion or personal thoughts are not required for this type of paper. Let the reader build up his or her own without any tips.
  • Should we mention that a good topic should not contain inappropriate words? Try to use formal language. Remember that a topic is a doorway to your text, and the reader will not enter it if it is broken or dirty. We bet that any language contains acceptable equivalents for slang and foul words.
  • Try to look for ideas in unusual places. The more unusual your method of comparison and contrast is, the more interesting the topic and the whole essay will be for people.

Use Help To Compose Good Topics to Write a Comparison And Contrast Essay

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