Definition of Case Study

Students from all parts of the globe are put to continuous tests. During the entire period of studying, they have to compose a tremendous variety of written academic papers. Amongst such, a case study seems to be the most complex one. Some folks don’t even know the case study definition. Consequently, the Internet is overcrowded with the online requests that sound like “What is the definition of a case study?”, “What is the case-control study definition?” and similar ones.

The definition of case study is quite interesting. It cannot be explained in a single sentence. Let’s delve deeper into this matter. It examines various aspects and people. Thus, it’s targeted at people, places, events, phenomenon and something of the kind. Accordingly, the research method would be different as well. Every situation is unique and requires an individual approach.

This is some sort of a test, which causes the real-life situations. There is a definite person or subject of the study. Depending on multiple factors and facts, the researchers try to predict how the things would develop in the nearest future. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs use this academic form of writing to find the insights for their businesses. Experts create real-life scenarios to find out the possible outcomes.

The obtained outcomes provide a rationale, a defining point, which helps to make pretty dependable predictions on how a trend might vary. However, this method is used in other directions. Thus, sociology and psychology carry out studies on a certain group of individuals. They seek the reactions on various situations.

Judging from this case study research definition, you have already understood how complicated such assignment is. There’re many unknown things. They should be determined and discovered. Accordingly, there is a lot to know about this particular task. This guide highlights the most important keys and provides clues to compose the assignment easier.

Crafting Your Paper

There’re some sub-types of this special assignment. For example, a comparative case study is used to find out differences and similarities using the method of comparison. After you found out the comparative case study definition and other ones, you should think about how to compose it. This type likewise has typical and inevitable parts:

  • The thesis statement
  • Introduction
  • Main plot
  • Conclusion

We’ll give heed to every section. There are some distinctive points. These are important exactly for this essay type.

Of course, we begin with the thesis and introduction. Your main argument is supposed to be implemented in the introduction. Its main purpose is to explain to the audience the significance of your research and what you wish to discuss. Craft your thesis statement effectively. It should be straight to the point and clearly introduce your major purpose.

This is a roadmap for the readers. Save info concerning your major purpose, uncover the significance of your research and why you’ve chosen a certain case. You’re to represent and answer certain questions. Tell what you are studying? Why is your research so significant? Mention what you knew about the subject before your research took place. Afterward, you’re expected to show whether you’ve learned something new and essential.

The main plot leads a discussion. It discovers vital things. They are:

  • Mention the main findings
  • Clarify the value of your discoveries
  • Find similar studies and their relation
  • Introduce some alternative ways
  • Define restrictions
  • Suggest other areas for the future studies

You are to uncover all mentioned above points. They’re vital. They give a clearer comprehension of what you study and what you achieve. Tell your audience what you found, how you did that, which similar works speak in favor of your theory, what limits you faced and which way some new studies might go.

Your conclusion should summarize the entire discussion and the beginning. Emphasize the most significant parts of your research. If some data was overly complicated, repeat and explain it in simpler words. Define what you’ve achieved and what is left to research further. Skip details and highlight the main points.

Know the Appropriate Method

The strategy you opt for to review the studied problem is dependent on what your main objective is. There’re various things that might be the main subject. Your assignment is framed by the methods you choose. Therefore, we should reveal the details on those subjects. We’ll give a brief review of the most sought-after subjects.

In the occasion, your subject is an event, you’ll deal with a definite time period and place. You should give closer heed to the slightest details. Find the very beginning of the event (or incident). Locate the place, define relative surroundings and the time it ended. If you investigate a rare event, your objective should be the suggestion of novel concepts and approaches. Don’t be repeatable. Find something unique and new. Other kinds of events have other peculiarities and objectives.

If you analyze a person, begin with the explanation of why you’ve chosen this very person. Give a rationale. Why is this person so significant? Can he or she add something new to the researched problem? What could that be? You are likewise to reveal some background. It is quite possible that you would involve other people who interacted with your subject. Those relations might add some significance.

In the event, your main subject is place be accurate with details. Clarify how the investigated location serves your purpose. You’re to deliver its importance describing various attributes of the place. In the meanwhile, you are to mention the method that allowed you to prove the importance of the chosen location. How have you come to this?

A phenomenon is another candidate for being researched. It’s conventionally bound to a definite fact or circumstance. It should be observed and exist in the form of a question. This is something elusive, so to speak. The phenomenon helps to study the things that exist but which aren’t easy to comprehend. Such assignment might be very complicated.

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