EduBirdie Review – What Should You Know about the Service

EduBirdie is one of the best and most famous tools for writing essays and other similar tasks. It is in high demand among students and is placed proudly among other popular resources that make the life of those who want to get an education easier and better.

This service has a very wide range of functions, a convenient user interface, and, although it is tailored to the standards of such a company. But let's review everything in order. We start from the beginning and examine in detail each specific part of that helper in this EduBirdie Review.

Why is it useful for students?

As many of you know, student life is sometimes not so simple and fabulous, as we would like it to be. A good half of the time spent trying to get an education is a terrible stress, a lousy diet, lack of sleep. Burning deadlines, super heavy or very voluminous tasks, exams, tests, reviews, and other types of papers that require maximum concentration and handling of huge chunks of data cause all this. This is without counting student parties, bad personal experiences, illnesses, and a lot of thoughts about where and how to make money to survive in this student paradise.

How exactly services like EduBirdie make life easier for students and how not to go crazy with overload?

If your student life does not quite suit you and you would like to review and simplify it a little, then there are two ways for you.

First thing is prioritization and planning. You don’t have to be greedily absorbing all knowledge that teachers are trying to cram in you and you don’t need to spend all your time and energy on it. Choose for yourself only what you might use in real life after your studies and work on yourself in this chosen direction. After all, if studying is not only a stepping stone to great success, then why is it needed?

And second, no less important is a delegation of assignments to professionals who would write anything faster and better than you or, at least, would review your completed works. That is why there are edubirdiecom and other similar essay writing services. And that’s why they are so popular with students all over the world. After all, what could be better than forgetting some burning deadline and devoting your time to something really useful or even relaxing? As evident seen from a long list of options provided on this site, EduBirdie would be useful not only for students. A large list of tasks to be performed may be of interest to a wide range of target audiences of different ages and professions.

How exactly does the service work and what are its features?

As this EduBirdie Review is made to tell you about a website and analyze all its parts, let's dive a little more into a process of providing essay writing service. As soon as you enter the site, you immediately see several things that are striking. First, there are two empty fields and a button. In the first of them, you may choose a type of work from a huge list provided by company. In the other, you need to enter your email, which will make it possible to contact you. Everything looks intuitively simple and does not require any special knowledge from you to understand how to order a paper. Secondly, a little higher you may see various tabs, where you may learn more about the company, review the list of services provided, read blog, terms and conditions, get the necessary support and answers to questions, as well as learn about the writers.

Also, the company guarantees getting rid of all your problems associated with plagiarism, low grades, how relevant this information is, grammatical errors, and others.

You may also notice a small line in the center, which says that the price starts from $18 per page. Some services provide you with some kind of calculators on the main page to give you the price of your order. After you have entered all needed data in the necessary fields, the calculator gives you the amount of money that would cost you the execution of this task. It is often difficult, takes time, and you are not quite sure how exactly this price is formed and whether there are any additional fees. There is no such problem on edu birdie. Everything is honest and open just as this review, and you immediately know what to expect.

Pricing policy on EduBirdie

Let's start with pricing policy. Yes, this initial price is far from lowest on the market. But let's be honest, there are things that are not worth saving. If you save on it, no one guarantees you that your essay would be written on time and in good quality, that you would be refunded if anything happens and contacted after you place your order and wait for the performance, losing others time to a deadline. In some cases, for example, like this one, it is better to overpay a little and be sure that your essay would be in safe hands and that you would receive it in the high quality even long before the scheduled deadline. So that in case of necessary changes you could discuss everything with the performer and finish the paper. This is not such a great price for peace of mind and good execution of the task.

Writers on EduBirdie

You may read about writers right below the fields for the type of essay and your email. From information about them you might find out about their success, number of completed papers, a number of reviews and average rating. You may find forums and blogs where people discuss the discrepancy between some photos of performers. But the fact is that this is a normal practice, if not in many. Not all people are willing to reveal their identity by earning in this way. This is their right, and they have to be given as much privacy as they want to be able to work in peace. Professionalism and quality of performance on time are main things here. Prices and quality there are very interrelated. Rest assured as we made a thorough review of it.

So, what are the pros and cons of using the service?

As you already understood from our small EduBirdie Review, the undoubted advantage of using this company is your peace of mind.


  • Professionals from almost any field of knowledge will undertake to perform any type of essay ordered;
  • You will receive it in the highest quality in the shortest possible time
  • Ordering a paper at EduBirdie will free your time, and you will be able to do something else. Just go and visit site.


  • The only disadvantage is the cost of order fulfillment. But we have already figured out the reasons for such a price in the review. It corresponds to the quality of performance and guarantees you that you get exactly the kind of essay you want to see.

What is the reputation of EduBirdie and similar services on the Internet?

Our EduBirdie Review would not be complete if we did not touch on reputation. In addition to user reviews on the site itself, you may always read what people think in various forums and blogs. After all, the better you study the reviews about company, the more likely it is that you will be able to evaluate its performance more accurately and know all its pitfalls and advantages. On forums, you might often find both positive reviews and criticism. But if the criticism is constructive, it is good. After all, you might always fix bugs and make a top essay writing company.

As you may see, writing service reviews are quite different. Some are delighted with service provided and it turned out to be quite useful. Others have found for themselves some flaws that they thought were minuses. But as a whole, as one of these clients above writes, if you don’t try, you don’t know.

What type of services does EduBirdie provide?

Next item on our EduBirdie Review would be a detailed review of the entire list of options provided to customers. Firstly, it’s worth to say right away that although service’s main occupation is to write an essay, you should not forget that there are much more complex and different types of documents in the list. Let's look at what you might find on this site.

Writing Services

At the top of it, which we have already talked about, you can find two tabs that indicate common types of services. First, it is a writing service. As is already clear from the title, it consists precisely in writing any essay from scratch and requires a customer to specify the topic and all possible details to more accurately and correctly display all necessary information in an essay and to reveal the essence as much as possible. You can find such lines as an essay writing help, research paper, term papers, course paper, case study, dissertation, and others. The last two ones and one with an essay have more detailed lists inside. For example, you may find a bibliography, thesis, presentations, business plans, speeches, lab reports, and a movie or book reviews.

Editing Services

In this tab, you might find dissertation editing, essay editing, and research paper editing. This means that you may submit your nearly completed essay, so that the professionals look at it, look for errors, and finish it. Or you can give them finished essay so that another pair of eyes looks at it, so to speak, with a fresh look. Perhaps this way you can somehow improve it, change the structure to a more convenient or logical one, add or remove some information. All these types of essays you can find in a general list, just click on the window for selecting a type of essay on the main page.

What about the ordering process?

A process of ordering an essay is very simple and involves three simple steps. First, you need to click "Hire Writer" button on the site’s main page. This action would take you to order page, where in the first step you will need to specify type of essay, topic, subject, required number of pages, and deadline. After this, step 2 follows, where you would need to specify what exactly is required to be done. Writing, rewriting, or editing. In the same step, you can choose the quality of services from normal to premium or platinum. You would also need to specify a number of cited sources and select a citation format. Then comes a final step where you need to attach all files you need to work, specify as much detail as possible regarding the process and choose the writer. Go through these simple steps and get your best essay.

What can we say about the price?

As we already mentioned, prices on a website are far from the lowest among others, but it is compensated by the high quality of the essay you get in result. After all, your main aim after ordering a paper is to get the perfect assignment and be sure about your grades. With Edubirdie you can be free of worries because the paper would be ready on time and you won’t have to be unsure whether the author would make it to the deadline.

How about customer support and communication with the performer?

This part is pretty simple. If you have any questions or problems while working on your task, you can always count on round-the-clock customer support. The site indicated that you would answer in less than a minute. As for engaging with authors, you would get an opportunity to communicate with a performer as soon as you indicate all details and select any author. Most likely, you would need to make some changes to an order, answer the author’s clarifying questions, or send important up-to-date information regarding workflow or deadlines.

Both of these aspects are important if you find out that you don’t have time to write the essay yourself on time, or, as sometimes happens, you confused the deadline or moved it. Or your work turned out to be much more comprehensive or complex than you expected because you urgently need help and just do not have to wait. You can describe all these cases and details to the support or author who enters the position and does your essay as quickly as possible, taking into account all necessary subtleties, deadlines, and volumes.

Plagiarism Checker

In addition to all the above benefits and bonuses, you will also receive a plagiarism check. This would help you to be sure that your work has not been stolen anywhere, it was written from scratch and that all information contained in it is relevant to the topic. Of course, you may use third-party services to check for plagiarism; you may even find some paid individual applications that would help you f ind any similar words or wording in your text. But why use two separate resources, if it is much more convenient to use all advantages of one.

So, what do we get in the end?

Summing up our EduBirdie Review, it’s important to say that this is a really one of the best essay writing services that can make your life easier. A group of professionals will take up any of your tasks, but you only need to describe details, indicate subject. You would get an essay in a short time, and besides, it will be checked for grammatical errors and the presence of plagiarism. You cannot order paper from scratch, but send your work to complete and final check. The high price corresponds to the quality, so you cannot worry that something goes wrong. Also, you may always ask questions to the author or support service. The ordering process consists of three simple steps, and you can easily figure out how to order your work. Reviews of other users will not allow you to doubt the quality of completed papers.