How should I end my college essay successfully?

When you are writing a college paper and moving to the finish, a question “How to end a college essay?” can appear in your head. If you are reading this article, you must be definitely looking for the answer. We are going to provide you with the most popular and effective techniques and the most successful examples of how to wrap up your essay without wasting a lot of time.

First of all, let’s define the main functions of the last paragraph of your paper. A successful final paragraph of your essay should:

  • Restate the thesis statement to your audience;
  • Provide your readers with a feeling “this is the end”;
  • Leave your audience with a last, strong impression;
  • Make your readers feel satisfied after they have read your paper.

Remember that writing a conclusion for your paper is an important process that requires a lot of attention and time. You shouldn’t neglect this thing and follow our recommendations on how to end a college application essay.

How to end a college essay: a template for writing

In the last part of your work, it’s important to wrap up the paper properly. We are going to provide you with a template for creating a good final part of your college assignment:

  • The first sentence of the conclusion
  • Restating the thesis shortly
  • The next 2-3 sentences
  • Wrapping up the main ideas of your essay
  • Explaining how all these ideas go together
  • The last sentence
  • The final part of your work
  • Connection to the introductory paragraph
  • Providing readers with “the end” feeling
  • Adding a hook to impress the audience

6 Tips on how to end a college admissions essay

These simple but effective tips will help you to write a bright conclusion for your college assignment:

  1. Summarizing ideas. In general, this shouldn’t be just a summary, but you have to analyze and synthesize the information from your paper. You need to organize your paper correctly according to the template we listed above. Avoid using stamps like “in the end,” or “in the final part.”
  2. The circle or frame idea. You need to go back to the introductory paragraph and return to any quote, example, or a metaphor there. This technique gives readers a feeling of completion.
  3. Call to action or proposal. This technique is good to use at the end of an argumentative paper, where you ask people to do something or express their thoughts about a certain problem. You can meet such technique in various kinds of speeches too.
  4. The enclosing story technique. An author describes a short scene or tells an anecdote at the end to emphasize the significance of his or her work. This technique helps to create an emotional connection with the audience.
  5. Writing a thesis in conclusion. In some papers, a writer puts the thesis statement in the final part of their work. This is a good idea to finish exploratory writing.
  6. Posing a question. This is a great idea to finish your work and make your readers think about the topic from a new perspective. Such last paragraph of your paper leaves people with their own impression and thoughts about your paper.

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