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A Full Guide on How to Cite an Article in an Essay in MLA and APA

10 May 2018

Most students wonder whether it is possible to cite an article in an essay. The answer is “Yes”! Why not do this if you are aware of the citing regulations? If you are going to cite published essays when preparing an academic assignment, take into account that the guidelines on how to do this the right way vary from style to style. If you are assigned to write a paper in the MLA style, you should learn the citing rules this manual provides. When composing a paper in the APA, follow the rules offered by this guide.

Useful Tips on How to Cite an Article in an Essay MLA

Before you cite a text in the MLA style, check the regulations that refer to the in-text citations. There are several steps you should take to make a citation in accordance with the MLA style. If you have no idea on how to do this the right way, the tips below will be of the great use to you when preparing a citation.

  • Write the author's last name. You can either put it in parentheses at the end of the sentence or within it
  • Mention the number of the page after the referenced sentence
  • Don't forget about quotation marks if you use direct quotes in your essay

Look at the example and use it for your own text citation: In his essay “Problems within the modern society”, Dr. Steven Roberts writes, “ New smart technologies make a great contribution to the today's technical progress but at the same time they have a negative impact on people's relationships” (33).

What if there is an internet article among your sources? Learn how to cite an online article in an essay MLA. You should give the author's full name in an essay citation, write the text title and mention the publication date. Example: Roberts, John. “ The effect of brain stimulants.” Health News, 7 March 2017.

If you wonder how to cite a newspaper article in an essay, you will easily find the helpful guidelines in the manual as well. Newspaper articles are also commonly used for essay papers. If you have found a phrase you would like to include in your essay paper, provide the article title, the publication date, and the exact location if the article has been found on the Internet. Roberts, J. (2009, May 19). The healthy lifestyle is in trend today. The Edinburgh Press, p.8.

Which Article Citation Guidelines Does the APA Style Provide?

If you are going to write an essay in the APA style, you should learn the peculiarities of citation rules. Doing this assignment for the 1st time every student wonders how to cite an article in an essay APA. There is nothing too difficult if you check the guide before you get started. Have a look at the distinctive features of APA article citation rules:

  • You should provide such details as the writer's last name, the publication date of the article, and the number of the page used
  • You should use quotation marks when providing direct quotes (This rule is standard for all styles because it is aimed at helping students to avoid plagiarism)
  • You may include the citation within the referenced sentence like in this example: Stevenson (2017) said in his essay, “ Modern people extremely need to feel some positive change in both social and cultural aspects” (p. 54). There is more than one way to format such essay citations.

Another possible way implies that you use parentheses like in this example: Modern people extremely need to feel some positive change in both social and cultural aspects ( Stevenson, 2017). And finally, the third variant you may use if there is a direct quote - it must look like the following one, “Modern people extremely need to feel some positive change in both social and cultural aspects” (Stevenson, 2017, p. 54).

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