A Full Guide on How to Do a Footnote

Most students consider formatting even more complicated than the writing process itself. While studying, every student faces the need to learn the distinctive features of various formatting styles. The most widespread are MLA and APA. You won't be able to succeed in studies if you don't learn how to organize sources of information used in a paper in the above-mentioned styles, and how to do a footnote in MLA and APA. 

A writer or an editor may use a footnote with the goal to cite quotes, provide some additional information that may contribute to a better understanding. If you need to add some information to your paper, you should check out the guide on how to do this in accordance with the standard rules. The citing format will depend on the style. 

Footnotes in MLA and Chicago

If you have been assigned to write a research paper and want to include some supplementary information, you should follow certain steps to do a note in the right way. First, let's have a look at MLA style guidelines. 

  • It is possible to add in-text citations or parenthetical citations. For example, (Roberts, “ Early poetry” 241).
  • When citing a specific comment, you are supposed to add a  number. Look at the example with the letter “n”. (Roberts 24n1). 
  • What to do if you need to reference multiple notes? Everything is simple. Write “nn” in brackets like you can see here “(Roberts 24 [nn 1,2,5]).”

If you have paraphrased information from some source, you shouldn't forget to do a footnote, otherwise, this may be considered plagiarism. Put it at the end of a page every time you borrow material from certain information resources. If it is the first time when you provide a footnote, it is recommended to write it in full. 

For example, Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (1759) 350. What if you have been assigned to choose the Chicago style? Wonder how to do a Chicago style footnote? There is nothing difficult. For example, 1.  George Gissing, New Grub Street (1891), 50-89.

Tips on How to Do a Footnote in APA

When writing a movie review in social sciences, you should check how to do an APA footnote. The APA guide distinguishes two types of footnotes known as content and copyright notes. It is not difficult to guess that a content note is aimed at providing the reader with additional information. Such notes are often used with the aim to provide the reader with a possibility to check more detailed information on the subject. 

For example, 1 See Edgar Allan Poe (1838) The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, especially chapters 2 and 5, for an in-depth analysis of the main character's behavior. 

Another type, a copyright note - is used with the obvious aim to avoid unpleasant consequences of stealing somebody's thoughts. If you have written over five hundred words from some published material, you should ask its author to give the permission to reference his or her work. 

If you don't include the copyright information, you risk violating the copyright regulations, which is very serious. If you have been given the permission to use the information, you should do a note like this: write the title of a work used, mention the author, write the date, and in the end, you shouldn't forget to add the following phrase “Reprinted with permission”. 
A Guide on How to Do a Footnote in PowerPoint

Unfortunately, footnotes aren't done automatically in PowerPoint. You should put a number in the place where a footnote should be. Then, you are expected to choose “ Header and Footer” and place your comment there. You can fix the size of a footer box. It is very convenient to make any necessary changes using the Home tab. You can easily change the location of your footnote anytime you consider this necessary. You may put a tick if you want your comment to be seen on the title page or remove the tick to hide it. Then just press “Apply” and any changes will be valid.

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