Guide on How to Format References in APA Style

This guide will be useful for every student studying social sciences. This is an act of quotation something or somebody. When composing an academic text, it is mandatory to create a list of cited works. This is done with the aim to ascertain your work. Despite the fact that references must be present in almost all types of papers, not everyone can answer such a simple question as:” Who should you use as a reference?”
Even if you are making a list for the first time, you are unlikely referring to unknown personalities. Instead, you will use famous writers, experts, reputable companies, scientists, researchers, etc. When formatting, you should keep in mind that rules of how to do this the right way always depend on its style. Let's have a look at some tips provided by the APA.  

Instructions on How to Write References in APA Format

As it has already been mentioned, every formatting style has its own features and peculiarities. APA format implies that you write subheading “References” in the centre of the last page and make a list of all used sources for your work providing them in alphabetical order. This means that it should be organized with information sources on the basis of the first word in every name.
How to format references in APA? After you have counted all needed sources, don't forget to make it double spaced. There are several steps you should take to do this in the APA style:

  • Write all sources of information in a standard way
  • Highlight your list
  • Find an option that allows hanging from the drop-down menu
  • Use an indentation and choose “Special”

Things to Bear in Mind When Providing References in a Resume

It is not a secret that employers appreciate when an applicant has a list of those who can say you are a reliable employee. It is a common practice to ask job applicants to provide such information. That's why it is great if you have no problems with writing them. How to format references on  resume? There is nothing difficult if there is a mention of those who agree to play the role of those who can prove your reliability and skills that are a must for position you apply.
Some people think that nobody will check whether you have mentioned professionals you have worked with or not. It is a misconception as your potential employer may use the contacts and find out that you haven't got permission to mention certain people or companies. There are the helpful tips you should follow:

  • Include those who have agreed to be contacted by your employer
  • Make a list on a separate sheet of paper
  • Name it “ References for John Smith” and use the same font and style that a resume has
  • Give the contact details and the brief information about your cooperation
  • Don't include those whose sphere of activity has nothing in common with the job you are applying for at the moment

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