The Secrets of Creating APA Format Cover Page

When a teacher takes your coursework or thesis, the main thing which catches his eye is a cover page. If a cover sheet comprises mistakes or is stated unclearly, general impression will be spoiled. If you have zero intention to create a poor impression and used to polish every academic paper, you should pay attention to this issue.
In this review, we’ll bandy about such question as how to make a cover page in APA format. We will find out how to create a cover sheet, considering all rules of APA citation style. If you desire to build a successful career in the academic field, you probably know the target audience judges a paper, magazine or a book by its title sheet. For that reason, it needs to be formatted correctly!

Why Should You Use an APA Format Research Paper Cover Page?

In very deed, you can’t select which format to choose. Usually, a teacher gives assignments and decides what particular format (APA or MLA) should be used by students. If you have any questions, seeking clarification? Put them to lecturer because APA is an approved standard but any higher educational establishment may have idiosyncratic requirements for a cover sheet. In some instances, different departments may create absolutely different requirements.

How to Do APA Format Cover Page?

Below, you can find and make yourself familiar with a step-by-step instruction, showing how to create a cover sheet following the general APA guidelines:

  • Title. This is the main part, which introduces the name of your paper. You should locate it in the center of a page but halfway down. In other words, this is the full name of a book, thesis or dissertation.
  • Personal Information. It should be located at the bottom of your title leaf. Here, you need to indicate your full name, information about higher educational establishment and the precise date of submission. Nevertheless, this information may vary (depending on the goals). It is possible to indicate the background information about your supervisor here. Besides, you can also show what kind of assignment this is (a dissertation, research or case study).
  • Running Head. Actually, this part shouldn’t be longer than 50 characters. In other words, this part is also called header, which needs to be located at the top of the page.
  • Numeration. You can do this with the help of a header function, which can be found in every word processing app. It is necessary to separate the running header from the page number by 7 spaces. As a result, you’ll see the number on every page.

Consulting our instructions, you will create a cover page in APA format.
Analyzing some other requirements, it should be noted that this formatting style requires use of Times New Roman and size 12. Besides, you should also double space the whole paper. But do not forget about the usage of 1-inch margins which should be made on all sides of the title leaf.


If you are a target-oriented person who used to polish every paper you deal with, you need to follow guidance notes given by instructor. If you are asked to use APA paper formatting style, you should always do this. We hope our simple recommendations will help you do this correctly. You shouldn’t create or add anything new, it is enough to follow already developed guidelines.

Who Can Help Me with APA Formatting?

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