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How to Write a 500 Word Essay

14 Sep 2016How to

The genre of mini-essays, which is performed in the form of little sketches on a particular topic. This genre is fascinating. The peculiarity of papers has an emotional, sensual sentiment of transfer of description of landscape or events.

Do You Know How to Write a 500 Word Essays Fast

The most significant feature of an essay is a freedom of presentation of person's thoughts, emotions, and feelings; full answer to problem is presented in several lines of text.

How Long is it Necessary to Study?

Student must realize that in order to develop skills and learn how to write a 500 words essay, it is needed to study for some time. People should be receiving skills on how to write 500 word essay for several months. It is formidable to write a paper that will be highly evaluated by the professionals without preliminary preparation.

Stable skills and good results are created after 2-3 months of work (it is about 15-20 written essays). You need practice. It is systematic lessons on subject how to write best paper; regular dedications bring high efficiency.

The students need to use skills in practice with qualitative assistance and careful monitoring of teacher. It is important.

You must write briefly and clearly when you are writing a 500 word essay. Teachers expect you to show the capability to create and prove your opinion on specific question on  foundation of obtained knowledge and independent thoughts.

The Main Peculiarities of the 500 Words Essay

  • Theme. Sometimes the subject is provided to you, and sometimes you are asked create a custom essays on your own problem: you may choose theme that you like or topic you desire to sort out.
  • Format. Measure of essay, number of pages and the common performance of the material - all these is significant. Accurately follow the requirements on the topic how to write essays to receive a high evaluation.
  • Readers. You need to think about people who will read your 500 word paper and take the peculiarities of your readers into consideration.

You shouldn’t ignore things and allegations that are contradicting your arguments. In a perfect essay, author mentions other opinions and gives his facts against them, or talks about other standpoints and changes a little bit his outlook under his influence.

You should read two-three key articles or book abstracts on theme of your own essay. The material written by other professors can be useful for you and may help you to master how to write 500 word essay. It is feasible to use tips of other people in your work.

The frame of scientific paper consists of such parts as the introduction (the acquaintance with the main topic), bulk, main and most significant part) and conclusion (derivations and conclusions).

It is desirable to give small definitions of some key terms of your paper in introduction: try to make the number of definitions more little. Use only three or four definitions.

You should write one thought in one paragraph when you are going to write a 500 words essay. Using quotes always place text in quotation marks and obligatory give the exact links to the used sources (including numbers of pages) if you do not desire your paper to be regarded as plagiarism.

The Control Questions:

  • Do you comprehend theme of work?
  • Did you use the facts and arguments?
  • Did you prepare the plan for the writing of your scientific paper in obedience to phases of argumentation and did you follow that plan?
  • Did you look through the books on theme very carefully?
  • Did you formulate one thought in one paragraph?
  • Are the paragraphs of your 500 word paper performed in a logical sequence and are they comfortable for reading for men who are not acquainted with theme?
  • Do you have the links to the sources you employed when writing your paper?
  • Have you re-read your work few days after you had finished it; have you found any mistakes and have you done all the necessary correction to polish your paper and make it excellent?
  • Did you check the common style of your whole work?

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The Professors Do Not Like:

  • If you cannot give answers to their question;
  • present bad organization of the answer;
  • cannot answer the easy basic question;
  • if you use of rhetoric material instead of reasoning in your 500 word essay;
  • careless using of data with concrete facts;
  • if the text is too broad and it is not sustained by the analytical material;
  • if you give points of view of others and do not give your own opinion.

The Main Mistake

When writing a 500 word essay, students do not use enough data and argumentation. It is very formidable to prove something without serious data and arguments. Try to find all information that may help you to prove your standpoint and to convince professors in the correctness of your own opinion. If you have no experience in such work, ask a person who is a master of his craft to help you with your work. Create your skills!

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