Important Recommendations on How to Write a Book Critique

There are multiple disciplines. Each of them requires closer attention. All are unique in their own way, and this creates lots of significant differences. Moreover, the assignments might be either easy-to-do or quite complicated to handle. Thus, assignments in literature may cause certain problems. For instance, it’s very difficult to write a book critique.

Oftentimes, students mess up the meaning of “critique” and “review” of books. They’re pretty different, and you must be aware of the difference. The main objective of a review is to retell the readers the plot of the researched book. What is a critique of a book? The main target of a book critique is to give a critical response and evaluate the quality of a literary masterpiece.

In other words, your target is to explain to the readers whether it’s worth reading a particular book. Regardless of your evaluation, positive or negative, you’re to clarify the reasons why it’s worth a try or why it would be better to avoid reading. You are supposed to discuss the main thesis and style of a literary work. Give your own comments and assumptions.

While writing this essay, you are to make allowances for many things. How to critique a book correctly and effectively? This is a good question. The best advice is to learn the slightest details, gather important facts and know the assignment from all possible angles. When you receive or pick up the topic, find all details about it. In the meanwhile, you are to know all demands too. The common requirements are:

  • Compose the main parts (the introduction, the main body, the conclusion)
  • Stick to the assigned style
  • Make correct references

It would be likewise helpful to find, read and memorize book critiques examples. Such method helps to craft good essays because you picture appropriate examples in your mind.

Know What to Disclose in Your Paper

Prior to writing a book critique, you should realize what you need to disclose in your assignment. Unfortunately, many students forget to give more heed to the true questions of their task. They spend one-third and more of their precious time on summarizing a book. Notwithstanding, this is no review. This is a critique. Accordingly, you should find and answer the important things.

Your paper ought to include a discussion. Highlight the main arguments, concepts, themes, features and other characteristics of the studied book. This is the clue to how to write a good book critique.

Make allowances for the issues that really matter:

  • What is your opinion in regard to the book?
  • Determine the main argument of the author
  • What are the author’s major objectives?
  • How are the major objectives presented?
  • Are the claims given effectively?
  • What are the author’s conclusions?
  • Can you underline a specific philosophy?
  • Do you really like the composition?
  • What are the main weaknesses of the story?
  • What points are strong?

As you can see, these guidelines are utterly important. You ought to remember them all. Knowing what to seek, you’ll easily find the answers. This makes the execution of this task much easier.

Introduce the author, the name of the literary work, present his/her main purpose, and summarize his/her ideas and findings. After that, express your own point of view. Briefly retell the plot. Use some effective examples to support your thesis statement. Develop your arguments. Finally, draw the logical conclusion.

To achieve the highest grades, you should fulfill all these directions perfectly. This can be done if using the list given above. Consider each point and find honest answers. Share your ideas with the audience. This is the key to your academic success.

Make a Proper Evaluation

Depending on the previous section of this guide, we may figure out how to make an evaluation correctly. All the things enlisted are significant. If you find the answers to them, you get the desired grades.

Use your own voice. Retell the book in your own words. Uncover what is essential. Clarify your evaluation using effective examples. Be logical and never go astray. Your message is expected to be clear.

Tell what your overall opinion concerning the book you examine is. What is the basis of your opinion? The readers will need these answers and explanations. In order to reach this goal, you should reveal the main idea of the book’s author. Explain it in your own words. Show that you understand him/her and begin to give your evaluation.

When you give an evaluation grade, mention how the aims of the author were achieved. Tell whether you like them or if there might be some other methods? Clarify the way those aims were presented and what assumptions are behind them. Their efficacy plays an important role. They are supposed to be logical and convincing. Highlight these points honestly.

Give special heed the conclusions of the author. Were they clear and fair enough? Do you agree? Does the thesis statement differ or was everything followed properly? These final questions are essential too.

It’s important to understand how the author sees his/her story. You should read between the lines. Find the hidden message(s) and suggest your personal philosophy. To achieve this objective, you should find the sources of motivation. These might be individuals, social or cultural factors, nationality and gender issues, etc.

Writing a Good Essay

When it comes to the writing of your assignment, you are to compose the three main parts – the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Let’s have a close look at every section. There are essentials you need to know.

Your introductory section should deliver a clear thesis statement. For instance, “The author’s main point is to show the difference between the world of poor and rich people.” Mind that your statement may be even 2-3 sentences long. In addition, the introduction should contain the general information about the literary work – the name of the author, title, date, etc.

The body contains a synopsis and arguments. There are no strict rules for the number of paragraphs. Everything depends on your supervisor. You are to write it dwelling on the next keys:

  • Organization
  • Writing techniques
  • Style
  • The evidence
  • Examples
  • Language

Organize your writing in accordance with the rules and style. Make sure your examples are proven. The evidence must be official and effective. Use your own language, which should be related to the discipline you write in. For instance, “The method of comparison and contrast clearly illustrates the huge gap between rich people and those who are short of money. The irony is a good explanation of how cruel people might be even if they have all they need”.

The conclusion tells whether you agree or disagree and why. Retell the story once again. Use other words. However, don’t go astray. You should confirm the main idea of your thesis. “I agree with the author of the book. There is a great difference between the rich and poor. Their attitudes towards various aspects of life strongly differ. Everything depends on how much money you have.”

It’s important to learn from the experience of the others as well. The usefulness of an example of a book critique is actually huge. Don’t underestimate it. Spend some time on reading examples that are close to your assignment.

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