How to Write a Good Hook for a Research Paper

Well, when we talk about how to write a good hook for a research paper, we mostly mean a good introduction to the topic. This could be something like 2-3 sentences or even a few first paragraphs that aim to draw readers’ attention to your topic in a special, engaging way and lead him/her to the end of your text.

How to Write a Good Hook for Research Papers

A good hook is what any text requires, whether it is a fiction book or some academic paper. In both of those cases, the beginning strongly defines the attitude of a reader.

But Firstly We Should Recall What Research Paper is About

A research paper is not only a compilation of facts and thoughts on a particular subject but an analytical text that requires an expression of the author’s point and a perspective in research.

Two main criteria define a good introductory piece to a research paper: author’s point of view and a certain degree of a proper intrigue to keep the reader interested.

So here are the Concrete Tips on How to Write a Good Hooks for Research Papers

Pose a good question

Find a good question that would be adequate to your academic essay subject, and you should explain why it is not an obvious one. Be free to put a few first questions simultaneously to outline the whole problem you are going to discuss.

Express your opinion about the subject

This tip works especially well when your thesis argues some popular misconception, debunks a common myth or sounds quite fresh and original. You don’t have to be afraid of creativity! But remember that this thesis must reflect the main problem of your essay.

Use statistics and interesting facts

People like learning new things and especially when you have some proven numbers that describe the subject. Connection to some peculiar facts psychologically emphasizes the importance of your research paper in the eye of the beholder. You can put quite a lot of these in different parts of your text whenever those facts fit well in a certain place. But remember to use reliable sources and be free to add links to the keywords.

Use quotes and sayings

This tip is mainly appropriate to more of a humanitarian paper – when you’re discussing some literary subject, a book or an author. In this case, you can use a fragment from a book, a known quote or saying or even an anecdote if you believe that it would be adequate in this certain paper. Quotation of public sources can help you to support your position and “freshen up” your text.

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Start from a scene

We believe this is the most simple tip of all listed. But still, it can be a highly effective hook because we all love stories. You can describe a detailed scene to visualize the experience you are talking about and move away from boring and monotonous staff for a while.

A reader might use it as a short psychological break.

Now you see that to write a good hook for a research paper isn’t too hard in fact. Just keep those life hacks in mind and never be afraid to use your imagination!

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