Effective Tips on Writing a Great Long Essay in a Day

If you consider essay writing the most overwhelming assignment, then this guide will come to the rescue when working on your academic project. An essay is the most frequently assigned kind of paper. That's why it is a must for every student to learn the basics of how to write superior quality work. It is a misconception that one of the distinctive features of this assignment is that it should be short.

Perhaps, you will be surprised, but sometimes teachers assign to compose an essay which should consist of more than one page. Wonder how to write a long essay? In case you have never written long essays, check how to do this in an appropriate way. Before you get started, learn how to differentiate between a good and a perfect essay. Proceed to write only after you can answer the most crucial question “How to write a great essay?”

Distinctive Features of a Well-Written Essay

An essay is rightly considered successful if it is written in accordance with the requirements of the structure and style. A well-structured work must begin with the introduction. Make it eye-catching and brief. In its turn, an introductory part should include a powerful thesis statement. This is a sentence or a couple of sentences, where you reflect the main idea of the whole piece of writing.

The next part is the main body, where the development of the most important events take place. Here you provide the detailed development of the topic idea. In the end, there must be a summary or a conclusion, which makes it clear which standpoint the writer has.

It is not difficult to differentiate between a poor-quality and the top-quality paper. In a great work, a writer sets a certain goal and achieves it. Writing a great essay is a tiresome work, which requires a lot of time and efforts. It is impossible to compose an A-grade paper without conducting research on a topic. Keep in mind that the formula of the essay that deserves a high score consists of three major elements: logical structure, concise manner of expressing thoughts, rich vocabulary.

8 Best Practical Tips for Writing a Great Essay Quickly and Effectively

Have you been assigned to craft an essay but this task looks like a real challenge for you? It is not surprising if you don't know the basics of composing a high-quality paper. It is not a problem to find guides on how to write a great essay, however, not all of them are worth your attention. Have a closer look at the practical tips on writing a great essay, which will help to get the desired A-grade.

  • Check good examples before you get started: Look at samples and analyze them before writing your own paper. Nobody will deny that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. The most reasonable decision is to ask your teacher to provide you with an A-grade text example, which corresponds to all necessary requirements.
  • If you don't have such an opportunity now, look for the well-written papers on your own. On the Internet, you will find a large number of trustworthy sources, where you can get an example to have a look at.
  • Always divide every long assignment into several tasks: If you find it difficult to cope with a long task, divide it into sections in order to manage all of them effectively.
  • Always take into account that each kind of essay has its own style peculiarities: Get started with your piece of writing and only after you check out how a certain type of paper differs from other written assignments. Depending on the type, your work will have different purposes. When crafting a narration, you need to describe some personal experience, an object, or a person. While composing a proposal essay your task is to present an idea and persuade the reader that it is the reasonable one.
  • Enlarge your vocabulary: A rich vocabulary makes it possible for you to express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Don’t use confusing words, the meaning of which may be unclear to the reader. Assure that you know all definitions before you use them in your text, especially if you are working on a technical paper. Use a dictionary, if it is necessary to understand the meaning of certain specific terms.
  • Compose your project on the basis of the reliable information: Use only relevant sources of information and refer only to the famous people. Base your project on facts, on the ground of which you are going to build your own opinion. Don't use a lot of quotes or citations. It is better to explain the same thought using your own words.
  • Do your best to sound in a sophisticated manner: Your project should be unique and smart. If you manage to sound intelligent and find your own voice, the A-grade is guaranteed.
  • Give preference to the Active Voice: It is necessary to minimize the use of the Passive Voice constructions, and you will see effects of your works on the reader.
  • Ask yourself whether the paper is outstanding or if you still have to take efforts to improve its quality. Have you read your work and understood that some paragraphs sound not the way you would like them to? Ask an editor to check your college paper before you submit it.

The Most Common Mistakes Every Student Does When Writing an Essay

There are several mistakes which may prevent you from composing an original paper. It is obvious that the main aim of every student writing an essay is to get a high score for the work done. However, you should forget about this goal for a certain period of time as you won't be able to create a really worthy assignment thinking about an A-grade. If you let your thoughts just flow freely, your chances to stand out with your project will increase significantly.

If you concentrate on the teacher's expectations instead of the major topic’s idea, you are going to fail. Don't be afraid of being creative and original. It may sound paradoxical, but in order to write a perfect academic assignment, you don't need to focus on this thought. Don't try to write an A-grade work that will exceed the expectations of your teachers.

Write an interesting paper that you feel passionate about and make it perfect at the final stage when you edit it. Only following this useful piece of advice the process of essay writing may turn into an enjoyable activity when you share your thoughts on the topic after you plunge into the research.

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