A Complete Guide to Writing a Powerful Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the most useful academic assignments due to the fact that you can benefit much from the knowledge on how to defend your standpoint. There is no such a student who has never written persuasive essays. Teachers assign this kind of work in order to check how you can express your thoughts when you need to prove to the reader that your opinion is really worthy.

In order to write powerful essays able to convince the reader that you are right, you need to know how to present your ideas the right way.

If you have faced a need to compose a persuasive essay for the 1st time, you should assure that you understand what a persuasive essay is. Learn which distinctive features this kind of essay has and how it differs from other pieces of writing. This knowledge will help you to craft a good paper. Follow the complete guide to writing a persuasive essay so that it can make a positive impression on your teachers.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Before you get started with persuasive essay writing, you should check its definition. This genre implies that you choose a controversial topic and express your own opinion. The main task is to persuade the reader that your standpoint is well-grounded and logical. To succeed in this you have to search for the relevant information on the topic and analyze a lot of sources. You should express your opinion only after you have conducted research.

The best example of a persuasive piece of writing is a college admission essay. This type of work has the same aim as the standard persuasive essay. When writing an essay with the goal to have your application approved, you should also provide strong arguments why you and not others should get an opportunity to study at a certain educational establishment. As you can see, an ability to persuade will be of use to you not only when you are assigned to write a persuasive essay but also when preparing other kinds of assignments.

It is recommended to choose the topic, which you are passionate about for crafting a strong convincing essay. You should provide arguments and findings of your own research for the reader to believe that your ideas aren't deprived of common sense. This kind of academic writing is aimed at teaching students how to demonstrate certain ideas on the topic, where more than one opinion can be valid.

Simple Tips for Writing an A-Grade Persuasive Essay

If you have been assigned to compose a persuasive essay, you should do two things before you proceed to write. Have a look at examples of persuasive essays to have a clear picture of what the finished paper must look like. And don't start writing until you answer the main question “What is the purpose of a persuasive essay?”

As it has been already mentioned above, the major goal of this kind of work is to convince the reader that there is logic in your ideas. You should think hard what exactly you would like to persuade your reader in when choosing the most suitable topic.

It is better to pick a topic which will sound original and where you can touch upon the actual issues that worry the modern society. You should assure that the chosen topic is interesting not only for you but for your target audience as well. To achieve success and get the high score for your work, you should follow the tips below:

  • Think of a strong thesis statement as it is the vital part of your paper. Write a couple of sentences reflecting the main idea of your work. You should make it brief and concise. Your statement should introduce the topic and allow your reader to understand what your attitude to the topic is.
  • Stick to the 5-6-paragraph structure including an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.
  • Make an outline for you not to miss any significant detail. An alphanumeric outline is going to be the best choice for this kind of paper. It is the most detailed one.
  • Write a draft. You shouldn't underestimate the role of the draft in the persuasive essay writing process. Some students think that it is just a waste of time. You will see that it is not if you follow this piece of advice and prepare a draft version.
  • When writing a draft, a person has a flow of thoughts avoiding thoughts about grammar rules and other things, which can be omitted at this stage of writing. Allow yourself to brainstorm ideas on the paper without checking spelling and grammar and you will see how many great thoughts are in your head.
  • Write the final version, edit and proofread the paper. The last step you should take to get the guarantee that you have reached your goal is to edit your essay. There are a lot of tools both online and offline, which allow checking grammar and spelling mistakes.

However, you shouldn't rely on them to the full extent. In case there is someone who can check the paper to assure that it is free of any kind of errors, it will be more reasonable to ask for expert advice. It is recommended to leave the paper for a couple of days and reread it later for you to check how it sounds.

Top-30 Outstanding Topic Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay

Having checked what's a persuasive essay, you should start brainstorming topic ideas. If you don't like any of the ideas you have, you are welcome to check the list of impressive topics for both college and university students. Pick the one you find the most interesting for you and your reader.

  • Should students use smartphones during classes?
  • Should parents control their kids' personal lives?
  • Should education be free for everyone?
  • Should children get married without asking their parents for permission?
  • Should all disciplines be obligatory for students?
  • Share your opinion about fast food
  • Why is it a bad idea to allow small kids to play computer games?
  • Can every person contribute to the well-being of our planet?
  • Is it possible to achieve success in life without the good education?
  • Why do you consider the current political strategy good (or bad)?
  • Write about the most influential personality and explain why you think so
  • Should the government have access to personal data of every citizen?
  • Should all students wear uniforms?
  • Is it a good idea to provide students with an opportunity to choose which double-periods to attend?
  • How is it better to group students: by age or the level of knowledge on a certain subject?
  • Should people express their wants and needs in public without any restrictions?
  • Which extra ability would you like to have: predict the future or read the thoughts of other people?
  • What would you choose: one million of dollars or live forever?
  • What is better: having a lot of acquaintances to spend time with or to have just one best friend?
  • Should parents punish kids for bad behavior or just ignore it?
  • Should medicine be free of charge everywhere?
  • Is it possible to forbid selling alcoholic drinks and cigarettes?
  • What is more important for a happy life: to be financially independent or to have devoted friends?
  • Would you like to choose the work that can bring you a good profit or the one that can contribute to the society?
  • Where to live: in a city or in the countryside?
  • What is more important to study at school: History or Mathematics?
  • Who should be the head of a family?
  • Why do families where a woman earns more than a man aren't happy?
  • Should parents be the model for their kids?
  • What is more important to get: job satisfaction or a good salary?

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