The Main Ideas for Writing an Essay

You may think that writing an essay is a very easy task. In part, you are right. However, sometimes it is very important to understand main features, and life hacks to make a high-quality writing paper. One of the most popular types of an essay is a problem solution essay.

In order to create a problem solution essay, it is not necessary to pre-write a hundred workshops, spending a lot of time. You just have to learn two main lessons:

  • It is important to remember the specifics of the structure of the essay, the logical chain of sentences
  • The variety of expressions, connected words, speech verbs, and grammatical structures are obligatory and very useful, as it shows your knowledge of the issue.

Do not be afraid! After reading this article, you will understand not only the structure of a problem solution essay, but you will also have an opportunity to analyze the paragraphs for better understanding. So, let us start with the easiest – defining the problem.

What is Problem Solution Essay?

Obviously, the main idea of it is to solve an issue.

Problem-solution essay – is the type of an essay, which describes some sort of conflict, challenge or question and then outlines one or more answers or resolutions. In other words, you need to discuss the ideas with regards to a particular topic and then suggest possible derivations to them.

How to write a problem solution essay?

Here are some common ideas and advice on how to write problem solution essay and some problem solution essay example. Before you begin to write this type of essay, determine your purpose and your target audience.

Step 1 – Learn the format!

In the first paragraph, you should state the question. Usually, it is the very first sentence to understand right away what the issue is. Then in the following paragraphs, you are going to describe the answers. Make sure that you use many details. They are very important in all points of the essay.

In the first paragraph, you use details to describe the question and then you should make sure you follow up with your answers to many details. The last sentence must be concluding – to sum up, all the above-mentioned arguments. When writing your conclusion sentence remember to use some kind of a transition word. For example: finally. Overall length is 2-3 paragraphs.

Step 2 – What to focus on?

Sometimes you should focus on the problem. If so, describe the problem in the majority of sentences – 23. Then describe the rest – 13. The idea of such essay is ‘what the issue is.’

On the other hand, sometimes you should focus on the solution. If so, discuss the trouble very briefly and then move on and talk about decisions for 23 of sentences. Sometimes we have more than one trouble. In this situation, state it and then the solution. Then repeat the pattern.

Step 3 – Watch your language!

It is also important to include the language of your topic, and it helps to show the relationship between the ideas. Look at the following problem solution essay sample.

Example of using language in a paragraph which is focused on the issue:

People who live in apartments in big cities often face an annoying hardship: the walls and ceilings are very thin. That means that you will not only hear your neighbors, but they also will hear you! This can lead to disputes and conflicts with neighbors. Some people are concerned that living in this manner is to actually live in a constitutional state of invasion of privacy. Although the source of the noise cannot be eliminated, the difficulty can be relieved with some rather simple DIY remedies. The Internet, or stores like Ace or Home Depot, are good places to begin looking for some possible solutions.

‘Hardship’ tells that living in some conditions could be problematic. Then we put the issue: ‘thin walls and ceilings.’ Next give more information: ‘you will not only hear your neighbors, but they also will hear you!’. Using such words as ‘disputes,’ ‘conflicts’ and ‘be concerned’ reinforces the issue. ‘Although’ is the connector which shows that we can change something. In the penultimate sentence, we have such words as ‘difficulty,’ ‘relieves’ and ‘remedies’ that show a solution. And don’t forget to use the words ‘solution’ itself.

Example of using language in a paragraph, which is focused on the solution.

The enormous growth in the use of the Internet over the last decade has led to radical changes to the way that people consume and share information. Although serious concerns have arisen as a result of this, there are solutions. One way to cope with this issue is to pressure the government to pass laws and controls that will prevent young people from accessing dangerous sites. Parents too need to respond by closely monitoring the activities of their children and restrict their onsite IT security systems to make fraud and hacking much more than difficult. These are just a few of the challenges we are facing which can be overcome.

Here we see word ‘concerns, which show the question and ‘solutions,’ which shows that it can be changed. ‘Cope’ signalizes that it begins the solution of the issue. Notice linking such words as ‘although,’ ‘one way to cope,’ ‘in addition,’ which make text more logical and readable. This paragraph is also an example of the two alternative decisions.

Example of using language in a paragraph with multiple issues

Astronauts face many challenges in space caused by weightlessness. One of these obstacles is floating around the cabin. To solve this, astronauts wear shoes that are coated with a special adhesive. This adhesive sticks to the floor of the cabin. Serving food is another complication. It will not stay put on the table! Experts overcame this by putting food and drinks in pouches and tubes. It only needs to be mixed with water. Weightlessness is also a challenge when an astronaut tries to work. The simple task of turning a wrench or a doorknob can be difficult. Since there is no gravity to keep him down, when he exerts a force in one direction, the opposite force may flip him over completely. To resolve this challenge, he must be very careful about how much force he uses to do these simple tasks. Here on the Earth, life is much simpler, thanks to gravity!

The first and second sentences perform the problem and subproblem with words ‘challenges’ and ‘obstacles.’ We immediately put the answer with the phrase ‘to solve this.’ Then another problem – serving food. We also make the solution just with the next sentence: ‘overcame this.’ This pattern repeats again with words: ‘causes a problem’ and ‘resolve this challenge.’

Ideas for a Problem Solution Essay

At this stage, when there should be no more questions, a strange one is usually raised: what to write about? Topics for problem solution essay are everywhere! If you become attentive, you will notice many problems that are raised every day in mass media. Analyze every single news you hear. Why is it important? Does it affect society? If yes, then how? Try to look at the world from different points of view, thus the spectrum of questions will expand. Because, for example, different age categories have different challenges.

By thinking only about students or children, you can accidentally lose the posers of pensioners, who are also important! Or it is also useful to pay attention to everyday routine. What are the issues that your mother usually complains about?

Easy Problem Solution Essay topics

You can use any of these or think over your own topic on related problems.

  • Bullying on social networks
  • Car accidents caused by using smartphones while driving
  • How to raise a genius child?
  • How to reduce the number of people committing suicide?
  • What can be done to stop terrorism?
  • Low salaries of doctors and teachers
  • What can be done to decrease the rates of violent crimes?
  • Are there any methods for saving the Earth from pollution?
  • Which measures could be taken to prevent juvenile delinquency?

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