How to Write an Art History Essay

During the period of studying, students face various challenges. They prepare and defend all sorts of projects. Amongst such should be highlighted an art history essay. This is a specific piece of writing, which requires in-depth research and efficient analysis. Taking the first glance at the name of this assignment, one quickly realizes that he or she is expected to deal with two disciplines. These are the art and history. This truly makes such assignment step out of the crowd.

An art history essay should reveal the real history of the epoch when it was created. Moreover, it defines the meaning and value of a certain piece of art or several ones. This makes this task really complicated. Therefore, it is of great importance to find out how to write art history essay.

To have a plainer understanding of how to craft this assignment, it would make sense to find and memorize an art history essay example. At first, you should take into account that an art history involves a formal analysis of at least one artwork. At times, you are to cover several ones. This complicates the task. At any rate, a student is supposed to create his/her own interpretation of the researched work.

You are to introduce a convincing and relevant argument. Use observations to support it. For instance, if you interpret a specific painting which shows that humans become more dependent on technology you are obliged to indicate the slightest elements that help to create such conclusion. Using the proper language and using your particular vocabulary, you are free to explain your argument.

Your analysis can be compared with critical reading. When you observe the studied artwork, you should explain its meaning in your own words. Demonstrate the deep understanding and show your professor that you are aware of what you’re talking about.

The Basics and Proper Preparation

If you want to succeed with your paper, you ought to know how to prepare it. There are several points that will come to you in handy. Consider the following necessities:

  • Choose your topic
  • Find information
  • Craft the outline

Every assignment begins with the choice of a topic. One is allowed to be assigned a definite topic or free to choose. There are lots of art history essay topics, and each is good in its own way. Be careful while making the final choice. Your topic should discover something essential and be interesting to the potential audience. Choose what you love.

Fill your head with the appropriate information. Your brain requires information. Accordingly, it should be filled. Otherwise, your writing becomes empty. Research the chosen topic, find data related to your theme, learn from others. You are to be aware of all names, dates, historical events and similar necessities.

Your next step is to make an outline. Depending on the found info, build the plan. Take into account all points and don’t miss the major stages. These are:

  • The introduction
  • The thesis statement
  • The main plot
  • The conclusion

Your intro should include the thesis statement. Declare to your readers what you are going to reveal to them. Your thesis announces the importance of your paper. Make sure it’s catchy and relevant. Show your main focus and what you wish to achieve at the end.

The main plot describes and points out what exactly you wish to deliver to your readers. Use proper and vivid examples. Thus, your readers will get your main point and notice the necessary ideas. Check the used data. It is to be officially confirmed.

Make a brief conclusion. Retell the story again in other words. Follow the sequence of sentences, unite them in a logical way and don’t go astray. Underline the most important things once again.

Essential Tips and Tricks

Try to memorize some special tips and tricks. They are basic. They are essential and help to settle the things thoroughly. Here’re the basics to fulfill:

  • Analyze every detail
  • Explain the meaning of each element
  • Tell why it’s so important
  • Have a clear structure
  • Add something specific to each paragraph
  • Explain how each detail contributes to the overall meaning of the artwork
  • Give context to the particular historical and cultural framework

You should be aware of other things that might cost your important grades. Thus, all titles should be italicized. It’s required to write in the present tense. Use MLA or Chicago style to format your assignment. Use the proper vocabulary, which belongs to the discipline you write about. Make all references correctly. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your paper.

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