How to Write an Essay about Love

Love is a feeling, which follows us throughout life. From our birth, we always adore someone – parents, babysitters, and grandparents. In youth, we fall in love and experience a new sense of this feeling. At first, we stress over it and then marry our boyfriends/girlfriends. Aging, we cannot live without our children, grandchildren, and so on.

Find Out How to Write a Good Essay About Love

In literature, they talk about it over and over –“Romeo and Juliet”, “The thorn birds” - the list of great works dedicated to passion is endless. Is it a time for panic if school or college teacher asked you to compose an essay about this gentle feeling? How to make a good essay about love in case you haven't experienced anything like that? You’ll learn the secret of writing it like a Shakespeare in this article.

Useful Advice for Modern “Shakespeares”

First of all, remember the common steps of writing any kind of work.

  • 1st step: Choose the literature that you need

How to write an essay about love better than other students? Read some works or stories on the same topic. After that, try to analyze them, how the author tried to explain his thoughts to you. If you don't know how to cope with this work at all – imitate the style of a book author or find a good tutor at reliable essay writing service. Avoid plagiarism!

  • 2nd step: Write a spectacular introduction

Simply good introduction is not enough because this work is not usual. You need to explain why you chose this topic. Here, you have to give the full explanation of the topic that you’re into. No need to worry if you can’t introduce it. You can even describe abstract people. If it's a common essay – you've to tell what you think.

  • 3rd step: Think of interesting questions you'll answer in your paper body

The quality of the main text body depends on how interesting were the introductory questions. There must be questions that concern not only you but a potential reader as well. Here is a list of interesting questions to choose from:

  • What is love for many people and how do I imagine that feeling?
  • Does the love at first sight exist?
  • Can people fall in love online?
  • Eternal love: the invention of the romantic writers or reality?


  • 4th step: Compose a body

Answer your introductory questions. Prove your thoughts with some cases taken either from life or from the works of famous lab report writers. Turn on your imagination - remember your childhood and dreams about Prince or Princess Charming. It would be amazing to outline your ideal here.

  • 5th step:  Write an informative but short conclusion

Sum up everything here. Don’t write any new information. Give an answer to the question: what did the reader learn from your brilliant essay about love?

Life Hacks that Anyone Can Use

  1. Do a kind of draft and write anything you want here – some personal thoughts will be good.
  2. Make a romantic atmosphere around you – turn on songs, draw hearts on your papers…
  3. Ask your little brother or sister about this feeling – they are great philosophers in childhood.
  4. Surf the Internet for examples of similar works and rewrite them with your own conclusions. Then, combine them and create a new paper about love.
  5. Compose an essay using great writers’ citations. Probably, they could express thoughts you're not able to think of.

So, now you are the happiest person, because you really know how to write a good essay.