The Best Tips from an Expert on How to Write an Exploratory Essay

According to the exploratory essay definition, this paper provides readers with an answer to a question, but usually, it is not one answer. Usually, such papers look at all various opinions people hold and express them to readers. Most textbooks and news reports use this kind of writing. The readers can make up their mind without being persuaded by the author.

An exploratory paper never argues for a certain position or opinion, it just provides the audience with different points of view and lets people find their own mind. When you are choosing exploratory essay topics, it's important to select a subject where you will be able to provide detailed researches. All arguments you will provide in your work should be supported with strong evidence, and your main task is to provide your readers with various opinions about the topic and include facts to prove them.

When you are looking for exploratory topics, remember that your future paper should have the next features:

  • You should include at least two arguable sides into your work (if it's possible, there could be more sides)
  • Check if you can find enough information about the chosen subject
  • Choose a topic where most people are unable to agree
  • Make sure you will be able to include facts that are not based just on opinions
  • Select a subject that will be interesting to people to talk, discuss, and argue about

How to Choose a Researchable Topic for an Exploratory Essay?

When you are in search of successful and bright topics for an exploratory essay, you should select those questions you can research. For example, if you want to write about how people can live forever, you won't be able to create a good essay because there is not enough information on this topic to do research.

Sometimes the chosen question may be too specific, and you would be able to find only one or two sources for your research, that also won't give you a chance to write a bright essay. These are several tips for finding a good researchable topic for your future paper:

  • Be careful when writing about political things: every topic about politics has a certain angle of view, and you may find some sources that won't match the view you need. You may find a lot of sources about the chosen subject, but many of them would be unreliable because they won't match the angle you need
  • Find your own method to choose a great topic. At start try to select a broad topic with a large number of facts, information, and opinions, and then narrow the subject using your own view of the question
  • Make detailed research to find a successful subject. The more information you find about the broad topic, the more chances you have to separate the more specific subject from the broad category
  • Check if you have found enough information about various arguable sides of your question. You need not just to provide your readers with different opinions, but support your arguments with good evidence
  • Always choose a subject that is interesting to you to research, discuss, and write about. This will help you to create an interesting and strong work to attract a lot of readers

List of 30 Topics for an Exploratory Essay

When it seems difficult for you to start your paper, we suggest reading a good exploratory essay example. To provide you with fresh ideas for your future work, we have prepared 30 interesting exploratory topics that will attract readers' attention:

  1. Is it possible to find real love on a dating site?
  2. How technology affects our society and health
  3. How can infertile couples have a healthy baby?
  4. Why computers became so important in schools - is it good for both teachers and students?
  5. Should schools decline paper books and use only digital ones
  6. How will school libraries transform if paper books disappear?
  7. Is online dating a good idea?
  8. Is it possible for people to reject the Internet just for a day?
  9. Is it safe to keep your money in a bank?
  10. Should gasoline cars be replaced with electric ones to save our environment?
  11. Why men and women look at relationships and dating differently
  12. Is it possible to be totally happy being single?
  13. Is it better to drink coffee or tea in the morning?
  14. Is it possible for our planet to get closer to the Third World War?
  15. Why are many people diagnosed with depression, even if they are not lonely?
  16. Why there are many people who are against Donald Trump
  17. Why is it not good to watch TV a lot for both children and adults?
  18. How to define if you are really happy with your life?
  19. Should some workers (post-offices, waitresses, cleaners) be replaced with robots in the future?
  20. What are the main difficulties of working freelance compared to working in an office?
  21. Why single women with a child feel difficult and desperate to find a match
  22. Why some couples live for more than 20 years in a marriage, but then divorce
  23. Should young women save virginity till the marriage?
  24. What's the main role of the European Union and how does it affect other countries?
  25. Should more sports be included in the school program?
  26. Why many people adore fantastic books when others hate them
  27. Should prisoners be allowed to get married in prison?
  28. Why don’t some women want to have children and build a career instead of building a family?
  29. Which marriages are the strongest – teenagers or mature people?
  30. Is it possible for medicine to find a treatment for all diseases in the future?

We hope that our list of exploratory essay topics was useful and helpful in writing a successful and interesting paper.

What Is an Exploratory Essay Outline?

Before starting your work, you have to make a solid structure for your future paper. Needless to say, this part may seem a difficult job, but this will help you a lot in creating the whole essay because you will get a clear understanding of where to start, where to move and how to end your work properly. A good outline will help you to keep all your ideas well-organized and structured.

College students have a good saying: “Planning an essay saves lives … or grades”? This saying is very true, because the more time you spent to write this important paper, the higher the grade you may have as it determines how you structured your paper. During your writing, you can make some changes such as re-ordering some paragraphs, bringing some new ideas, crossing out the information you don't want to use, structuring and polishing your work.

You can search for good examples of exploratory essays on the Internet and use them as examples for writing your own work. Keep in mind that it is worth spending your time on it because a successful outline will help you to create a logical and solid work to impress readers. If you have got any difficulties with an outline, ask your teacher or friends for some help, take advice from our article, get some inspiration from well-written papers.

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