How to Write an Expository Essay: a Step-By-Step Guide with Tips

If you are a present or former student of a university, college or school you know what an essay is. This paper seems simple at first glance, but each type of this paper has got hidden difficulties and features. In an expository work, you are required to pick a subject, describe it, mark out the main thesis, and provide clear and exact arguments. It has got several variations you may be familiar with:

  • Compare and contrast essay, where you ought to describe similar and different features of two objects or happenings
  • Cause and effect document, where you need to describe consequences, reasons, and how they affect a subject of a paper
  • Definition essays, where you have to provide wide meaning of a concept
  • Process essays (also known as “how to” essays), where you must provide full algorithms for required activities
  • Classification essays, where you divide the subject into parts and classify them

The expository paper can subtend all these purposes or just one of them. Regardless the goal there is an algorithm that explains how to write an expository essay step by step.

The Main Steps of Writing

The process should begin with brainstorming the main idea related to essay topic. They have to be urgent, relevant and interesting to your audience. Literature required for citing and composing the bibliography should be gathered. Then you need to mark out the thesis. If you need to know how to write a thesis statement for an expository essay, we have got some tips:

  • Gather all concepts concerning subject and problem
  • Detect similarities between them
  • Set them into groups
  • Formulate one sentence that will characterize all ideas
  • This time you have to avoid expressing your own opinion

A clear thesis is ready. Now you have to recall the ideas and provide them with arguments, evidence, and examples. Devote no more than one paragraph to each concept. In the end, you should reinforce your thesis, make audience leave all possible side questions and answer the questions you have set in the introduction. That is how to write a conclusion for an expository essay.

Tips and Advice

The expository writing prohibits informal language. Try to avoid writing long and complicated sentences. Be confident that all paragraphs are joined logically. There should be no glitches and logical black holes inside. The flow of your thoughts should be narrow.

Pick literary sources that will help explain the exact thesis. Do not be too excessive with direct quotes, try to paraphrase more. At the end of writing, you need to proofread final version of your text and leave no grammatical and logical mistakes.

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