How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

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What is a Good Intro Paragraph

Simply said, introduction paragraph is an appetizer of a paper. That’s why you have to ascertain that it captures his attention from the beginning.

Then you should introduce your topic and your thesis, i.e. what will you talk about and what are you trying to demonstrate. Here you’re basically giving a reader a reason to follow through the body of the essay, like at descriptive essay on mother.

How to Write a Compelling Introduction Paragraph

Since it may not be clear how can you develop your essay, you can choose creating introduction at the end of your writing process. But some people prefer crafting it immediately because it gives them more clarity about what should them add after that.

Don’t worry, there are no rules and you can choose whatever method suits you best.

Now, concerning actual writing part here’s the guideline:

  1. Start relatively broad. When I started writing essays I used to craft very ugly introductions which included tons of useless information. Now that I have hundreds of academic works under the belt I learned that the best way to start is by giving some background information about the main topic, then narrowing it down to your thesis.
  2. Background doesn’t mean argument. Don’t include all the juicy stuff in the intro. If information you’re providing gives just context that’s ok. But if it proves an argument, leave it for the body of an essay.
  3. State your thesis. Now provide your thesis writing it in the last part of your introduction. It can be the last sentence as it couldn’t, just place it where you think it fits.
  4. Include relevant information. Statistics, anecdotes, and quotes are all a good option for your intro. But, please check if they are relevant, not some random stuff that just popped into your mind.
  5. How to write an introduction paragraph for a narrative essay? An anecdote from the author’s life would be uber-relevant. Something like the fact that your sister read a book, not that much.
  6. Also, provide true and verifiable information only and don’t worry if it’s nothing new for the reader.
  7. Don’t use clichés. There are several ways to introduce your essay that have been overused, like writing a definition. They used to work once, but now they’ll bore your reader to death and make you start with the wrong foot.
  8. Convince the reader to read through all of your paper. After your intro, the reader should think that this essay is somehow relevant to his own life. Thus, you have to appeal to global emotions and situations. How to write an introduction paragraph for a history essay? Use a historical anecdote that can be linked to what’s happening in our days, and you’ll be set.
  9. Another thing is that conflicts are always interesting. Make sure your intro mentions two slightly or deeply opposite realities or worldviews.
  10. Being brief it’s ok. The introduction is a very short part of your paper, so don’t worry if you think your intro seems to concise.
  11. Make it fresh, stinging and relevant. That’s all you need from your intro.
  12. Alternate short and long sentences. Using mostly long sentences makes your writing hard to digest and delivers a bad experience to the reader. On the other hand, using mostly short ones makes it difficult to express more complex ideas.
  13. If you want to keep a good flow with your writing, alternate long and short sentences to find your balance.

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