A Guide on How to Write an APA Paper

APA is a writing style, not a type of a paper. It is a special style that is used for organizing your essay. There are various formatting styles you need to learn, hence APA is the one that we are going to discuss in this article.

APA format is mostly used for writing scientific papers. It was introduced back in 1929. The main goal of APA format is to provide readers with a consistent style and allow them to find what they look for.

It can be difficult to switch from MLA or Chicago style. Still, it is important to learn how to write an APA paper step by step. You will be able to compose an essay in this specific format, create scientific papers and articles for publishing.

Research, a Point of View, and Voice

When composing an article in APA style, you can use the first-person point of view to discuss your study and results. For example: “I did research on literature…” or “We studied the science using the following method…”. It is recommended to use the past voice and discuss your experiments and used methods in order to achieve a result.

How to Write an APA Paper Outline?

Before you write a paper, create an outline. You will get a better result if you follow the plan. Review the outline below and remember that each heading has to discuss valuable information. Make 3 main points and choose informative headings to guide the readers.

  • Heading #1, a paragraph
  • Source
  • Subpoint of the paragraph
  • Source
  • Heading #2, a paragraph
  • Source
  • Subpoint of the paragraph
  • Source
  • Heading #3, a paragraph
  • Subpoint of the paragraph
  • Source
  • Reference Page

Your first page of the assignment should include a heading, then a title after your name, and the affiliated college in the end. Let your readers find out what an article is about and who it is written by. Point the thesis in the abstract. The main body has to be spread into the following sections: the introduction, methods, results, and discussions. Finally, the reference list has to include all the sources you used for creating an essay.

How to Write an APA Style Essay and Create a Reference List?

One of the most challenging and time-consuming steps in composing an APA paper is a reference list. Check how to create a list of cited sources below:

  • The reference list has to begin on a separate page
  • All entries have to be in an alphabetical order
  • Flush the first line with the left margin
  • Use two spaces after each sentence
  • All sources have to be included in the text and in the reference list
  • Check the format of citing authors, books, journals, articles, and electronic sources as long as each has individual requirements.

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