A Short Guide on How to Write a Bibliography in MLA

This kind of paper lists the sources that were used, read and cited for writing a text. Unlike the reference list, it includes all possible sources that concern the subject somehow. It is needed for the readers for future studies and reading your work.

Before guessing how to write a bibliography MLA style one should learn main pieces of information required for proper composition:

  • Title of a resource. Include title of a chapter, a book or a journal and collection where the book can be situated
  • Author’s name. Also, try to mention editors, translators, composers and other people who made contributions to the resource
  • The information that concerns publishing: date, edition of a resource, place of publishing (sometimes required) and name of publishing company
  • The MLA referencing style also requires knowing location of source if it is not printed. Include a URL to website or blog

While simple list of sources is an essential part of any serious paper, a bibliography can be a separate paper. Below you will see an example which will help you to understand how to write an annotated bibliography MLA.

The Example of an MLA Annotated Bibliography

The MLA style (like any other) implies that any significant part of a document will begin on a separate sheet. Here is an example:

                       Surname and Page Number
Student’s Name
Tutor’s Name

Topic: here you need to place heading of your writing

Thesis statement: Here you place main idea of paper you are going to prove by explanations given below.
                    Name of Document (Bibliography or Annotated Bibliography)

Here you need to place MLA style reference line which will explain the origin of source.

In this paragraph, you will give a brief description of resource. Mention how it reflects and concerns your topic and why it can be useful for the future research. Summarize the main concepts given in it and evaluate it. Name all pros and cons of the resource but do not sound your own opinion.

In this document, you need to show that you have learned resources you list and formulate level of their necessity for the subject. Do not use list marks, just begin each new resource with the reference line.
That is how to write a MLA annotated bibliography quickly and without mistakes. You can use this template for every paper you write in MLA style.

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