Learn how to write a biographical essay

A biographical narrative essay is the type of essay that is supposed to provide a story about the life of some person. An autobiographical essay is a story of the author’s life told by the author himself. If you got stuck facing a biography essay you need to write for your own purposes, you can find some instructions to help in this article.

What is a biographical narrative essay?

A narrative essay purpose is to tell a story, and a biographical narrative essay tells a story about one’s life. Generally, it includes the information about person’s birth, childhood, growth and life achievements. So, how to write a biography essay about someone else? Writing a biography, first of all, you have to decide what part of a person’s life you want to emphasize. Usually, the main point of writing a biography essay is to tell about one’s outstanding achievements and/or legacy left by him or her.

However, sometimes the main focus of writing is to tell about childhood struggles he or she faced on the life journey and one’s own special way that lead him or her to who he or she finally became. It is up to you to choose the special part of the story you want to tell your readers more about.

How to write a personal biography essay

If you work on an autobiographical essay you should bear in mind these tips to make it really good:

  • Write using the third person POV. It is a common rule for a formal autobiography to represent yourself as a third person.
  • Define the purpose and the style of your writing. The way you tell your story depends on the reason you do that. Whether you write it for uni, or to get work, or to place it on your own site, it will have its own peculiarities. An autobiography for professional needs should be more formal, while a biography for your own blog may be written in a more loose style, and you may include some jokes or funny stories.
  • Mind the limits. It is better to keep your writing within 500-600 words. It is quite enough to tell the main information and keep it interesting to read as well.
  • Tell the story, not just facts. A biography narrative essay is about telling the story of one’s life, make sure you write your story in a way which would be interesting to read.
  • Focus on what matters. Define the main things you want to tell about yourself according to the purpose of the biography. Leave behind all the uninteresting things that do not concern the purpose of your autobiography.

What is a biographical paragraph?

While a biography essay is a more broad narrative, a biographical paragraph is a simple, short paragraph that may include some general facts about someone’s life like the date of birth, place of birth, facts about education, place of living, work experience, main achievements and the date of death, if applicable. It is easy to find a template of a biographical paragraph on the Internet.

How to write a good biography essay?

Here is the plan for you that will help you to write a biographical narrative:

  • Choose your subject. The main thing is to decide on who will be the person you will tell about. Then focus on the part of his or her biography you want to tell about.
  • Pick events in the person's life for your story. It is a good idea to highlight in your story the moments when the main changes of growth happened in the life of the person because this information will make the essay interesting. Usually, the main parts of biography are birth and childhood, adult life and death. Tell the readers some facts about the time and place the person was born and raised or a little information about his or her parents.
  • Then tell about the significant moment of adult life, like achievements, love and family life, turning points and so on. Fill the story with some personal characteristics of the person and some significant facts about one’s relationships with others to reveal who the person is.
  • Give your story a clear structure and concrete details. Keep all the facts in chronological order, provide a background and a conclusion paragraph to your work. Provide some solid, definitional facts. It will help your text be more argumentative and ensure it does not include any needless details.
  • Edit it.

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