How to Write an Opinion Essay: a Complete Guideline

Have you ever faced the necessity to write an opinion essay? If you are a university or college student, you have no alternative but to meet this challenge! Essay writing is a mandatory task, and sooner or later you’ll receive the task to create an opinion essay. What is this? How to deal with this assignment? What keywords to include? You will find the answer in this tutorial which will help you to meet this challenge deservedly.

An Opinion Essay: What is This?

To understand what this is, it is enough to take a look at the name of this task. This is just a simple essay which lays emphasis on your personal viewpoint. That is to say, this is a foremost chance to express your standpoint regarding one or another theme. So, how to write an opinion essay? The answer is simple – to select a topic, analyze it and choose a definite idea. Writing an essay, you should develop it (either to support or to go against it). That is all!

Your overarching goal is just to hit this idea over the fence! You shouldn’t spend time on the search for different viewpoints or investigations of other experts. You shouldn’t add any contrasting viewpoints in order to explore the topic better. Besides, you shouldn’t also compare several things, showing merits and demerits of one or another object. Your core goal is to describe why you think so and what opinion you support!

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Choosing a Theme

Generally, the theme is assigned by teachers and students should just express their views regarding a particular topic. This is a common practice in the majority of higher educational establishments.Nevertheless, sometimes students have a choice and can pick the theme which is interesting for them. For some of them, this is the most complicated part of work.

We won’t give any valuable pieces of advice here because the selection of a topic hinges on your tastes and preferences. As soon as you do this, you should study it and decide what opinion you wish to hold to. Think about several reasons why you pick this opinion.

Draw up an Outline

Answering the question of how to write an opinion essay 5th grade, you shouldn’t forget that your success depends on lots of aspects and one of them is drawing up an outline. This template will help you group your ideas and speed up the writing process. When you have a detailed plan with all ideas you need to cover, it will be easier to organize your thoughts and improve productivity. This is a perfect idea, allowing you to be more organized. Commonly, an outline consists of the following points:

  • Introduction;
  • A body part, consisting of 3 or 5 paragraphs;
  • Bottom Line.

Every part has its own rules of writing. Furthermore, when you are aware of all winning tips, it will be easier to get through this tricky assignment.

How to write a good introduction for an opinion essay?

The core objective of this part is to make a reader look through your paper until the end. In this case, you’ll achieve your goal – you’ll attract the audience. Answering the question of how to write an opinion essay introduction, it is necessary to mention several important tips, which will help every writer to be more focused on this task.

Firstly, the main component of an introductory part is a catching “hook” which will make a reader fix eyes on your opinion essay. You should somehow attract the attention to your paper, but how to do this? This is the easiest way to amaze the audience with different facts, quotes, anecdotes or maybe even hard-hitting news!

Besides, you may also take their breath away with your own opinion regarding the chosen topic which will fail to comply with the existing and traditional facts. When browsing the web, you’ll come across a variety of effective examples which will inspire you regarding the creation of a cool introductory part.

Welcome to Writing Body Paragraphs

You have your opinion which you are going to express. You also have several reasons why you keep to this particular viewpoint. Now, it is high time to organize all your thoughts in a sequence of sentences, explaining it.

When writing body paragraphs, you mention only one supporting an argument in one paragraph. In doing so, all your paragraphs will be more organized, and your writing won’t be cluttered. Following this simple rule, you’ll create a clear opinion essay which will achieve its goal.

When you embark on doing this part, you should follow the points you mentioned in the outline. When you cover every idea one by one, it will be easier for you to focus and as a result, you’ll get a top-quality essay.

Bottom Line

This is the easiest part of any task which doesn’t require particular skills. Your core objective is to gather up all ideas and once again make a point about the chosen theme. The intended readers shouldn’t question your viewpoint. It should be clear, understandable, and supported by facts.

Where to Search for the Professional Assistance?

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