How to Cite and Make References in the IEEE Reference Generator?

This style is considered to be one of the simplest. Its main distinguishing feature is a short in-text citation. You just have to put the number of the source in square brackets at the end of the sentence with a quote. The full reference is given in the list in the section “Works Cited” of the document.

Referencing in IEEE format has got three main features that differentiate it from other popular styles:

  • The title of an article or a chapter, in other words, any part of a book, a journal or a newspaper is given in quotation marks
  • The title of a book must be written in italics
  • The author’s name is given in the following order: at the beginning, you give the initial name, then the surname

The best option to make a reference list quickly is to use IEEE reference format generator. Below you will read about how to operate it and what the main benefits are.

The Algorithm of Usage of Reference Generator IEEE

After registration on the website, you need to open the generator. The registration is free. You do not have to pay for using the generator as well. The number of lines built in it is unlimited.

You must know the following information about the resource you want to maintain: the author of the resource, the publisher, the editor and all the people who contributed to the creation of the resource, the date of publication, the number of the source, is it a part of a set, the location of information (number of pages or a link to an online resource), and the location of the publication (if possible).

You can choose between two options of the online IEEE reference generator: if the resource can be found on the Internet easily or is well-known enough, try filling in its title into the field of automatic search. The format generator can give away all needed information if it finds the book or the journal. Otherwise, you have to type all information manually.

In one minute you will get a line with information about the resource formatted in IEEE style. Use it to include it into the IEEE reference list of your paper.

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Tips and Benefits

Remember that the IEEE generator takes only that information you give it, so watch for mistakes and glitches. You will avoid mistakes with numerous commas, periods and quotation marks. With this generator, you will save your efforts and time. You will not have to compose the reference, just copy and paste it into your cell phone argumentative essay.
You are not required to memorize the standards of IEEE format as well. Note that the reference line of every resource can have its own features. It depends on the type. For example, an online book requires a direct link.

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