Letters Of Application: How To Write And Examples

What is a cover letter for a application and how to create one? An application letter is a document that is added to a resume to give detailed facts about your experience and acquired habits. This paper is necessary when applying for a job. You will not be considered as a professional candidate if you send a CV only. Employers or managers learn about candidates' background and skills that suit their requirements from cover letters.

Letters of application are needed to underline applicants’ experience and help them to highlight specific things and stand out. A resume does not allow applicants to sell themselves. It has the certain format that requires dates and facts. The potential employees have more "space" to prove that their qualifications are corresponding. Showing an interest in the firm is the key detail.

Tips for Creating a Professional Document

What is a letter of application and how to create it? When applying for the desired job, you should not rush to send your resume and a cover letter. The first stage of success is a smart presentation of yourself and your acquired habits.

  • Find the person who your paper is addressed to. Show your interest by writing an application letter to the person who reviews applicants' documents.
  • Review the job requirements attentively. Does the job require working part-time? Will you have to work in a team? Will you have to go to business meetings abroad? Read the description of the job offer to write a professional paper.
  • Do research to learn about the organization. Show your knowledge of the company activity and background to separate yourself from the candidates.
  • Name the position you want to take on the document.
  • List only relevant skills. If you have experience in working as a shop assistant or a nurse, do not describe your background in these departments. List acquired habits related to the certain job position.
  • Explain how your capabilities and practices suit the company. Do not be shy to sell yourself and prove that you are a competitive applicant.
  • Add a quote describing your work ethic. This may seem like a risky way to sell yourself because a cover letter has a strict format. Find a quote related to your qualifications. A quote allows a recruiter to learn about your qualities.
  • Ask the employer to review your CV and reply to you in any case at the end of the paper. This will underline the value of the job position for you.
  • A paper should not be longer than one page.

These tips on writing application letter should help you to create an outstanding paper and understand what kind of an applicant will attract an employer.

Successful Examples of Application Letters

Review a good example of application letter, follow the format, and learn what key skills to include in a paper:

Julia Waterson
104 GoodwinAvenue
San Jose, CA 09834
[email protected]


Steven Spencer
ABC Company
84 Goodyear Street
San Jose, CA 09834

Dear Mr. Spencer,

I am writing to introduce myself for the position of the programmer that I have found on www.thejob.com. As requested, I am attaching my resume, an application letter, my certification, and three references.

I am interested in the opportunities that the company provides and I hope that my qualifications and experience with a wide variety of tools make me the appropriate employee for the offered position. The main strengths that will help me to become a successful programmer in the company are as follows:

  • I have designed, developed, and supported live use applications and received great feedback from the users.
  • I strive to improve my skills and become a better specialist by the day.
  • I care about the customers and aim to provide an excellent service and improve their experience with the applications which I develop.

With a Master degree in Computer Programming, I have a good understanding of how successful software have to be developed and maintained. I am interested in finding new ways for achieving goals. I am a creative employee and curious about new technologies. Please review my resume for additional information on my experience.

I can be reached anytime via email at [email protected] or my cell phone, 909-303-5464.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this important employment opportunity for me.


Signature (for hard copy)

Julia Waterson

As you can see from the example above, there is an analysis of your attainments and experience that shape your image as a professional. Do not list all your skills. Reveal only those qualifications that are appropriate for the certain job offer.

Application Letter With No Work Experience

What is a letter of application without a work background and how should it look? It may happen that you want to work in the certain company, but you have no relevant work experience. Do not skip such a chance. A good paper with a presentation of your qualities and characteristics can help you to reach the desired result.

Take a look at the application example with no work experience:

  • Include your name, a cell phone number, and address
  • Add the name and a contact of the business person
  • Name of the position you want to take up
  • Ask the recruiter to arrange an interview
  • List the skills that help you to work in a team
  • Mention your characteristics and qualities that help you to work in the company
  • State your strengths which set you apart from other applicants
  • List your school, college, and volunteer experience

A document with no working experience should be relevant. Do not list your college experience in sports or cooking hobby if it does not match the position requirements. Attract the reader with your personality. Show your strong desire to join the team and bring good results.

Now you have a clearer idea of what is an application letter. A winning cover letter has to sound confident. Try to speak like you are already hired. Do not be shy to state your main qualities and persuade your future employer that you can bring new ideas and show good results. Sometimes, recruiters read only one piece - a cover letter. CVs and certifications are reviewed as additional information.

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