What do I need to make a successful exploratory case study?

If you need to find out what is exploratory case study, we are here to help you. In this detailed guide, we are going to give you the basic steps of writing this type of casework. In the start, let’s look for an exploratory case study definition. This is a document that gives readers a detailed assay of a certain issue. Such documents’ main goal is to answer questions “who” or “what.” In this paper, an author has to provide the audience with a thorough exploration of a certain problem to learn it carefully.

Main parts of an exploratory case study

Before you start working on this assignment, you have to find out how its main structure will look. You already know what is an exploratory case study in research meaning. This work’s aim is to get a new view about an existing imbroglio and to compare the output of your analysis with all data obtained from documents related to the current issue.

In general, this assignment's structure will be analogous to the standard research paper, but there are some differences you must note. We want to provide you with the basic components of a successful exploratory case study.


Like in any other type of paper, this part defines the main goals of your future research and expounds to the audience what this document is about. You need to answer the next questions:

  • What is the major theme of your work?
  • Why is this issue important to investigate and what I need to analyze?
  • What facts have we already discovered about this issue?
  • In what ways my paper is helpful to understand the question of research?

Literature review

This part is practically the same as the section of any research paper, but you have to take into account that a review has to be focused on giving information related to your issue. Place relevant papers here and expound why it is important for you to duplicate the past analysis in your work.


It is a section where you need to expound a certain strategy you used to make your analysis. Methods can vary depending on the topic of your assignment:

  • If, for example, you analyze an event or incident, then you have to expound where it took place, what reasons caused it, and what results it has brought to people.
  • When you analyze a certain personality, concentrate on describing this person from the view related to the topic of your paper.
  • If you are analyzing a place, you have to expound to the audience what method you used to define the analysis of this place; it will help you to get new data about the existing question of your work.
  • If you describe the phenomenon, then you may analyze a circumstance or fact that can be studied with an explanation of the reason. In other words, it is an itemized cause and effect analysis you need to provide in the document.


It is a section where you have to write your research. When you write, keep your work related to this plan:

  • Restate the problem and characterize your results.
  • Explain why the results are significant.
  • Relate your document's outcomes to the similar works.
  • View all possible explanations of your exploratory case study results.
  • Give the limitations of the subject of your analysis and expound to the audience why these limitations are not so significant.
  • Make a guidance for future possible research in this field.


Like any other academic assignment, your work has to be ended correctly. You shouldn’t just reword a discussion section here because your conclusion has next functions:

  • write the main aim of your exploratory case study;
  • claim your issue evidently and expound the need of making research;
  • restate the imbroglio highlighted in your exploratory case study and emphasize its importance.

We also suggest reading samples of exploratory case papers on the Internet to understand the structure and discover the main elements of this document.

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