The Most Interesting Narrative Essay Ideas for All Students

A narrative essay is one of the most frequently assigned kinds of academic writing. Many students consider it to be a bit easier one compared to other assignments because the narrative style implies that you can tell about certain things on the basis of your personal experience. Every person has something to share with the reader. When composing a narrative essay, students should concentrate on some special memories, events, people and any other things that have made a contribution to their personality. It is necessary to write from the first person when sharing your life experiences.

On the one hand, it seems that writing a narrative essay is a piece of cake, but on the other hand, it is difficult to brainstorm original narrative essay ideas. You may have a lot of ideas for a narrative essay, but at the same time, you may feel puzzled because you need to pick the most impressive one. This is not the only difficulty students usually face. When crafting this kind of assignment, you should use vivid description and provide a lot of details for the reader to be able to feel the atmosphere.

Main Features of a Brilliant Narrative Essay

In order to complete a killer narration, you need to have brilliant storytelling skills. Every day all of us share some news, emotions, experiences with friends and relatives. Some people have the necessary skills that help them to create a vivid story while others fail when they want to impress. Why does this happen? One of the most common reasons is the poor vocabulary and the absence of original ideas. You can hear the same story from two different people.

One of them may make you feel bored while the same story told by another person may make you feel interested. The secret is in the ability to present the ideas in a creative way. Want to catch the attention of your reader? Then, the very first thing you should do is to conduct research and identify your target audience. Make your story interesting for a certain group of people taking into account their interests and preferences.

The usage of hooks is a must for attracting the attention of your reader from the very beginning. The key to success is an ability to express thoughts and ideas in a logical and concise manner. Actually, when writing a narrative essay, you should imagine that you are a novelist. When brainstorming personal narrative essay ideas, think how to make your piece of writing illustrative. You will achieve success if you manage to show not tell. Your reader must see the bright picture with the help of words.

Moreover, your task is not just to describe something but to help the reader to see the same picture that you have in your mind. Let the reader feel what you felt when doing things that you describe in your essay. Provide as many sensory details as possible so that your reader feels what you felt when you were taught how to ride a bicycle, smell the cup of coffee at the seaside cafe you tasted, experience the same fear you had when you found yourself in a foreign place, etc. It is not about a dry description, it is about senses!

How Can an ABDCE Method Help You to Craft a Killer Narrative Essay?

You will be surprised, but formulas are used not only in Math. A successful narrative essay also has its own formula of success, which includes 5 elements. Wonder, what are they? Let's have a closer look at the constituents of the so-called ABDCE method:

  • Action: It is not a secret that everyone likes stories, which start with a certain action. This is the most effective hook.
  • Background: After you have managed to catch the attention of your reader with the action, give some background details allowing the reader to learn more about the characters, places, objects described in an essay. Don't miss details that matter for the understanding of your story.
  • Development: This is the major part of your narrative report where you describe the most important events in a logical manner.
  • Climax: Climax is the most intense point of your narration. Make it powerful, and the success is guaranteed.
  • Ending: It is not difficult to guess what to write about in your essay ending. This is the final part of your paper, where you explain how the experience you shared may be useful for others.

Top 30 Most Original Ideas for a Personal Narrative Essay

The choice of topic ideas for narrative essays is huge, which makes it difficult to pick the best topic ever. If you can't get started because you lack good narrative essay ideas, the problem solution is here. Just check out the list of great ideas for narrative essays below:

  • The most impressive movie I have ever seen
  • The worst fear I have experienced
  • My first day at a college
  • How I felt in love for the first time
  • The person I admire the most
  • The day I will never forget
  • The book, which changed my attitude to life
  • The person who contributed to my personal growth
  • The actions, which I am proud of
  • Things you want to avoid in your life
  • The time when I made a serious mistake
  • The worst thing I have ever did
  • The most terrible experience I have had in my life
  • How can your life change without the Internet?
  • Three things you cannot live without
  • Write about your emotions while doing something for the 1st time
  • Describe the profession you are passionate about
  • Write about your attitude to sports
  • Describe the teacher or instructor who has changed your vision of life
  • Tell about things you will never do again
  • What would you do if you have a time machine?
  • The birthday party, which I liked more than others
  • Share your attitude to religion
  • Write about the most impressive journey
  • Which food do you like the most?
  • Describe the strangest dream you have ever seen
  • Describe how you felt when you had a quarrel with your best friend
  • Tell about those days in your life, which you can call “perfect.”
  • How do you treat lie?
  • The country you would like to live in

Choose one of the above-mentioned topics when writing your personal narration. If you use the formula of ABDCE, your teacher will be impressed. When picking the topic, give preference to the one, which you are passionate about. Don't write about those experiences you have never had as you won't be able to hook the reader.

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