Presentations topics: What Is the Best Topic?

Preparing the show is a very creative and interesting task for students. But it is hard to choose the subject you want to work on. To help students concentrate on making their presentation exciting and informative instead of spending a lot of time choosing the topic here are some of the ideas of presentation topics.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Presentation?

It has to be informative and helpful for your listeners. The task is to grab the attention of your public and bring them some useful information they would like to keep in their mind. Choosing the presentation topics you should follow some tips that will help you make a brilliant material:

  1. Choose a subject you like and want to explore. It is much easier to write about something you like. If you are indifferent to your material, there is not much chance you will make a successful speech. Being passionate increases chances to grab much more attention from the public and to make them excited about your subject.
  2. Choose a subject that can become illustrated by photos and infographics. Pictures are really helpful in making the show more understandable and interesting. While looking for ideas, consider the ones that are easier to illustrate.
  3. Choose a title that reveals important social and environmental problems.

What is the Best Topic for Presentation?

A good presentation is a sincere one. Try to follow your personal interests and passion. No one will believe in you if you are not interested in the subject you are talking about. The main goal of every performance is attracting the attention of the audience.

You can choose provocative subjects. The impression after your show should be high. For gaining this result it is smart to leave space for the future discussion. Maintain it with rhetoric questions and interesting facts. Do not try to pick a title that concerns general knowledge. it is not interesting to hear what you have read or heard before.

Try to apply different approaches to subjects. Even a well-known thing or happening can be interesting again if you present a different side of view. For example, a name “William Shakespeare” is not interesting. Everybody can read about this famous author on Wikipedia. On the other hand, a name “The unknown Shakespeare: Unprinted Poems” will raise the interest, as his secret works are unknown.

A performance can be interesting if you compare two common or highly uncommon subjects. Pick a subject, think about two or more sides of its nature and try to find differences or similarities. The same rate of interest and attention can be gained by presenting a provocative field that concerns a well-known subject.

For instance, the Civil War is a tragedy for the USA. “Scientific inventions of the Civil War” will attract people to you. This time you need to mind your limits. Do not be too provocative. You do not need to make everybody uncomfortable.

One of the most popular topics is a hobby. As it always much easier to talk about something you like and know a lot about, your personal interests and hobby can become a good topic for presentation. Be certain you keep it informative for your public and avoid using the specific terminology without explanation. Try to keep it simple and fascinating.

Good Topics for Presentation in English

You may find a subject for your different presentation topics. Social problems, culture, scientific inventions, technology or philosophical and spiritual branches are very interesting for you and your public to explore. Here are top ten topics for presentation:

  • The impact of social media on teens
  • How to choose a career?
  • Is euthanasia ethical?
  • Did the God really create the world?
  • Modern views on marriage
  • Marijuana legalization issues
  • Is violence part of the human nature?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • The pollution of waters
  • How does urbanization growth affect people’s health?

List of Good Topics for Your Presentation

The choice of the proper topic can make a big difference. It is an unseen edge between people’s joy, attention, and boredom. In order to pick a proper topic, you need to consider some circumstances.

Note the occasion you are preparing for. There are four different types of occasions. Each one requires own topics. There are celebratory, joyful, professional and solemn occasions. It is obvious that topics for solemn reasons will not do well during a celebration. Under professional occasions, presentations for both education and business are understood.

  • The next thing you need consider is the purpose of the slides. Each reason for making them has to be reflected in the topic. There are four most common purposes for presentations:
  • Persuasion. A performance (both visual and oral) is a good way to convince people to act as you need
  • Information. A set of slides is a good way to introduce statistics, figures, graphs, etc. It can be used for illustrating your oral speech as well
  • Entertaining. You can raise the attention of the audience by showing some entertaining materials. This is a perfect psychological approach, as it was proven that people’s memory works well with humor associations
  • It can also concern the celebration. Consider how you want to praise a person or a happening while making a choice

You need to recall some prohibited subjects before choosing a topic as well. Not every topic can be a proper basis for a presentation. Try to avoid complicated and complex topics. A presentation is a fast action, there is no need to make it last for more than 10 minutes. If you have chosen, think if you can divide it into smaller parts. Make an emphasis on one side of the problem.

Try to avoid controversial topics unless they are the direct subject of your speech or presentation. Such subjects as death, maladies, XXX materials can make an audience feel uncomfortable. Look through ethics guides in order to learn how to get rid of improper subjects.

Understand the mood of your audience and set the subject for it. No one will be happy with a serious topic at a party.

Look through this list to find interesting presentation topics:

  • Information overload and its effect on memory and cognitive abilities
  • Ethical issues connected with artificial intelligence
  • Global warming consequences
  • The negative impact of media-spread beauty standards on women’s self-esteem
  • Cultural diversity in the modern society
  • Folklore and traditions of your country
  • Pros and cons of globalization
  • How does social networking change the way and standards of real-life communication?
  • Is censorship good or bad for society?
  • Why is it beneficial to learn foreign languages?

Know Your Audience

A proper esteem of your audience is a key to success. It is obvious that each of your listeners has his own background, knowledge, and interests. There are four peculiarities of the audience you need to consider before making a presentation and choosing a title for it:

  • Demographics. Sometimes slight differences between age, gender, race and social class can affect your success. Knowing the average levels of these rates will help you
  • Knowledge. Think how your future listeners are acquainted with the problem. If you are going to make a speech within a professional community, you should make an accent on things interesting for them. There is no need to make a beginner’s introduction and explain everything like they are children. This rate also determines the number of special terms and phrases that are natural for the particular professional environment
  • Meet the needs and interests of your audience. What do they expect from a presentation? For instance, if you are making a presentation about football, the audience will be pleased with facts and achievements of a local football team and angered with praising their competitors.
  • The level of education plays a big role. If you are going to meet university students, speak on their level. Choose a dramatically different approach if you present something to little children

There are more different variables you have to learn before making a presentation. Note that you need to make everybody pay attention to you. Choose only proper approaches for it.

Help With Presentation Topics

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