Major Problems Students Facing In Educational System

During our life, most of us are experiencing an acquaintance with the education system through studying in a college or university. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The worst experience in education Essay Vikings 2018

And today we are sharing with you students feedbacks from

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Knowlege Essay Vikings

Tom: We teach memorization, not application. So I can know what things are, but not how to use it in life or work. Home ec, woodworking, trade classes are whats important, not football, baseball etc. And no matter what anyone says, it doesnt pay for itself.

Money Essay Vikings 2018

Dan: The promise of a fantastic, well paying job as soon when you get your degree

Library Essay Vikings

Adam: 400$ for a textbook that hardly ever gets used, but you need it for the access code it comes with so you can do your online homework. I f*cking hate access codes. I had one course last year that required $200 for one, for only one semester, and it was 10% of the grade. I honestly just skipped it, hurt my grade of course, but that 10% wasn't worth $200! The assignments on there weren't even known to be helpful, it was busy work.

McDonald's Essay Vikings 2018

Julia: Aside from the price, I hate how some universities are opening up more and more campuses and are lowering their standards for admission acceptance so that anybody can get in, so long as they pay. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems more like how you make a fast food franchise, not a distinguished higher education entity.

Also, offering useless degree programs that don't force their students to work an internship are setting up their students to graduate with debt, a useless degree and no real world experience.

Learning Essay Vikings 2018

Brian: all of what i’m paying to “learn” can be self taught or googled, and surpassed completely with work exeperience. not including medicine and engineering of course.