Case Study Interview: Tips and Tricks

One of the most interesting and sometimes complicated academic assignments is a case study interview. This is a special piece of academic writing. There are several sub-types. However, the main purpose of each remains the same. The interview questions for case study writing help to reach the definite objective of your assignment. Putting questions and receiving answers is a dependable way to understand how the things will develop or what to expect from an interviewed person.

What is a case study interview? This paper is used to find out what people are capable of. Commonly, an interview is used for the future candidates for a definite vacant post. An interviewer puts questions concerning personal and professional skills of an anticipated worker. If the answers are satisfactory, a person receives the post.

When we review this piece of writing on the part of educational institutions, students are supposed to define similar things. However, the objective doesn’t necessarily involve the job interview. It might be aimed at personal qualities, attitudes towards various aspects from different disciplines. This paper type is particularly important for psychology and sociology. It discovers lots of essential facts.

If you want to know how to prepare for a case study interview, begin with the determination of the type. It is likewise necessary to pick up design and style that would be suitable for the anticipated audience. Big corporations put to use illustrative type. It reveals what was done for their customers. Educators prefer cumulative or critical methods to show the critical thinking and proper evaluation of students. In order to reveal factual evidence, lawyers use exploratory type, which investigates complex details.

If you don’t want to get messed up with these types, find and learn case study interview examples. Thus, you’ll get familiar with each type and will know how to compose them all. Regardless of the type, analyze the situation.

Getting Started and Prepared

Prior to undertaking any assignment, make some preparations. A good start means that half of your labor is finished. This is a great push to ensure your success. Therefore, it makes sense to know certain things from the beginning. These are:

  • Topic choice
  • Search for information
  • Search for similar works
  • Reading samples

After you decide on the type, select the topic. Opt for the one that is interesting for you. Thus, you’ll have the necessary enthusiasm, and the story will go easier. Of course, it should discover something relevant and captivating for the audience.

Look for appropriate data. Begin with the local library, surf the Internet, ask experienced people. Narrow your search to your topic and sort out the things. Choose only the most suitable and effective facts.

One of the best recommendations is to look for similar studies. They aren’t supposed to sound exactly like yours. In fact, they may be from a different discipline. However, the questions are pretty close.

Finally, use a case study interview example to learn more information. Find out what was written before. The previous experiences are helpful. This is the general advice. It suits every type and helps to reveal factors and define the needed information. Students may compose this assignment individually or in groups. You’ll know what to write in your research and what mistakes to avoid.

Let’s have a look at some conventional questions:

  • How would you sell the product outside the country?
  • What methodologies help you to succeed?
  • What contribution to the corporation have you made?
  • Are there any drawbacks to the company policy?

One may use some logical problem-situations. You simply give a situation, which requires a solution. It should be related to your subject. It’s especially good for psychological tests, which reveal how a person resists stress situations, whether he/she can overcome impediments quickly and effectively, etc. The methods you use are dependent on your specification, topic and study type.

Crucial Recommendations to Craft the Paper

One may use different tips to craft the assignment properly. However, before you begin, preparations are crucial as well. They give a plainer understanding of how to put the things together. There’re some things you should do before you begin an interview. These are:

  • Choose the participants who suit your research
  • Find people to support your ideas
  • Define the number of participants (one person or a group of people)
  • Compile data on the selected people
  • Prepare a list of questions
  • Make questions easy and quick to reply
  • Clarify all participants your objectives

Secure all these matters. The interviewed people should understand what you’re doing. Make all points clear and logical. Your next move is to learn what to do during the interview and after it was conducted. Here are some tips for case study interview:

  • Carry out interviews having a single plan
  • The answers should be “yes” or “no.”
  • Ask for information and materials from the interviewed people
  • Gather the outcomes of the interviews and analyze
  • Refine the received data and leave only the most necessary
  • Identify the main problem using 1-2 sentences

Make notes of everything you receive from your interviews. After you analyze everything, divide the evidence into four sections or more. The introductory section contains your main purpose. This is the roadmap concerning your main theme. Tell your audience what you wish to discuss.

The main plot provides explanations why you’ve initiated your study. The next section includes your findings. Tell what you found and what significance it has. In the defining chapter, represent the final outcomes and draw your conclusions. Tell whether your expectations were confirmed or you expected other results. Make a brief thesis to underline the main idea of your research.

Mind that an example case study interview is able to provide you with some additional insights. Some people understand what they should fulfill only if they use some samples. Therefore, don’t pass up this option.

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