Professional Tips and Advice About Composing an Essay on Abortion

Abortion will always be a sticking point of the modern society. The discussion has started long ago, and for now, there is no certain answer found yet. The paper on this topic can be productive, as it leaves many questions and food for further discussions. Here you will know how to touch this topic, what should be mentioned and what the possible structure of the abortion essays is.

Writing an Essay About Abortions: Preparations Before Composition

Academic writing is an important action. It requires following a strict plan. You need to define what is needed to be done before and after writing. Here is a brief plan of your actions for writing an essay on abortion:

  • Define the task and the type of the essay
  • Gather needed information about abortions from various resources
  • Compose a thesis statement from your ideas
  • Write the body
  • Write the introduction and the conclusion
  • Proofread the paper

You need to read the assignment carefully. The topic is too large to reveal it in one essay or even coursework. Make certain that you understood the assignment and are prepared to meet all tutor’s expectations concerning writing. Then recall the class you attend and where you were given the task.

The topic touches many branches of knowledge and sides of our lives. Not everywhere the same information will look appropriate, even if it is right. For instance, for a biology class, you will need to describe possible methods of abortion, how they affect the woman’s organism, etc. And the against abortion essay on biology will tell about harmful consequences of the procedure for the mental and body health.

A class on religion will definitely require sticking to the social and religious aspects of the action. A geographical class will require determination of the population post-effects, the impact on the economics and so on. The reasons for abortion essay will not do well this time.

Choose the Proper Essay Type

The knowledge about the purpose and the class will also determine the kind of the paper. It can be an explanatory paper when you need to describe the happening and provide the examples. This type of paper better fits into biology, chemistry, and other sciences. The comparative text will do well for religion classes.

For instance, you can describe the attitude to abortions in different branches of Christianity, or compare Islam and Buddhism. An argumentative and persuasive essay will do well for humanities. Also, you can do an annotated bibliography and describe different authors and resources concerning abortions.

Every writing requires gathering appropriate information concerning a topic. An essay on this topic is not an exception. You will need relevant statistics and studies. An important part of an essay is a possible target audience. If it is a scientific one, you do not need to persuade anyone. Otherwise, an argumentative paper is aimed at your classmates or people of the same social layer.

Before writing the body, you need to determine your personal attitude to this problem. Try to know the possible arguments of both sides. They will help you to build your narration, answer possible questions and support further discussion. It is also useful to know the definition of abortion for essay of any kind. Note that the definition can be different for various branches of knowledge.

How to Compose an Essay on Abortion?

When you have gathered all ideas, possible concepts and keywords you will use, you need to write a thesis statement. This is an essence of every academic paper. This sentence (or several sentences) reflects your main idea. You need to reflect every possible information and example that concerns the thesis particularly.

This statement has to be full and reveal a definite side of the problem. At the same time, it should show your personal attitude. For instance, a statement “Abortions in Great Britain can cause population growth delay in twenty years” is good as it refers to a defined problem and prepares you for productive writing. At the same time, it does not leave any possible ways for needless information.

A good title for abortion essay has to make your paper noticeable. Possible variants of title composition usually concern questions and equivocal sentences. Grab the attention of the reader with a special view on the problem. Make him/her read the topic, and they will not leave the essay unread. The topic “Abortions in Great Britain” is not interesting, as it does not reflect the content.

On the other hand, the topics “The history of abortions in Great Britain” or “Advantages of abortions for Great Britain” look more interesting and provocative.

The introduction should explain why the problem is needed to be discussed. It introduces your personal opinion on the question to the readers.The body should not differ from other types of academic writing. Recall the “golden” rule of writing: one paragraph per one idea or concept. List the facts and supply them with explanations, arguments, and examples.

The conclusion must sum up all written before and tell how these facts can help in changing people’s minds or help in the future studies. Depending on the type you can leave some space for future discussions with rhetorical questions and provocative statements. In the why abortion is wrong essay, you need to list the main demerits of the procedure.

The Style of an Abortion Essay

As the topic can be painful to many people, do not be too persuasive or rough. Your aim is not to blame the opposite side in their poor thinking but to convince them in your point of view. Be polite and persistent. Do not use any piece of foul language or dialect.

This is an official paper, and it should be written according to all language regulations. The good approach is to read about all possible rhetorical tricks that are good for different variations of academic writing.

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