Smart Tips on How to Start a Thesis Statement Sentence

If students devoted more time to composing a good thesis statement, they would get higher grades for their papers. Not everyone understands that a couple of sentences at the very beginning of any academic paper play a crucial role in the success of the whole work. Do you know the famous proverb: “Cut your coat according to your cloth”? The thesis is the backbone, the skeleton of your paper which will serve an indicator of the direction when working on the main body of your paper. So you should know how to start a thesis statement.

Either you need to write an essay, or develop any other academic assignment, keep in mind that every work should be based on the main idea. You should be talented enough to be able to express it in just one or two sentences which will be your main focus. Regardless of the chosen topic, your task is to identify the major focus of the paper.

What Is a Main Idea of Your Paper?

Don't confuse with theses of the report which are its main statements briefly formulated with a purpose of laconically (1-2 pages) conveying the content of a text, talking about goals, objectives, methods, results of the described study and conclusions drawn by the author. After reading the theses to the report, the reader should understand the essence of the presented work, its novelty, and relevance.

An abstract presentation of the work is offered to the organizers of student scientific-practical conferences, forums, seminars in advance and after such events is used for reports based on the results.

It is easier to explain what a statement is asking the following questions:“ Which goal do you want to achieve?” Which things should you concentrate on?” Now reply to these essential questions trying to be concise. The answer will be what you need. This is not difficult, is it? If you still sitting in front of a clean sheet paper wondering how to start off a thesis statement, follow helpful tips below.

Tips on How Do You Start a Thesis Statement for an Essay

It is always difficult to start out when composing essays. However, being aware of certain rules this process may become even enjoyable. Do you have a spare minute to devote it to looking through the effective guidelines on how to start thesis statement? Ready! Steady! Go!

  • Create a killer statement

Brainstorm ideas and choose the best variant. Keep in mind that it has its formula. It is like a process of cooking a dish when you include several ingredients each of which is delicious, but when mixed, they give a special taste. Wonder what the connection between this example and your argument is? Everything is simple. You need to prepare the dish known as “statement.” How to make it really tasty? You need to provide the vital idea of the paper, your standpoint, and argument. Including only these three components, you will get a strong thesis.

  • Place it in the proper place

As you could have already understood from the beginning, a thesis is a sentence or two provided in the introduction. If you have a long essay, it is possible to place thesis in the second paragraph.

  • Avoid abstract and confusing words

Develop an impressive statement expressing thoughts. You have to write not more than two sentences. They shouldn't be too long. Size matters here. Make this sentence informative and concise.

  • Make sure that you have made an in-depth analysis of the topic before starting a thesis statement

It is a must to be specific and logical. But this is impossible if a person doesn't have a clear picture of what he is going to write about. There is some logic in this approach as you will be able to consider the topic once again and your chances to develop an impressive statement will increase.

  • Look through the examples on how to start a good thesis statement for a research paper

Take into account that you need to tailor this sentence to the type of the project. Consider different types of analytical, argumentative, research works, and compare the various methods used to craft a high-quality abstract. It is possible to formulate it in the form of a question which you will try to answer in the body of the paper.

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