How to Select Successful Annotated Bibliography Topics?

This type of an academic paper includes sources which have been used for researching a subject. Usually, books, articles, and journals are used for exploring the subject.There are a lot of topics for this type of an academic paper which allow students to conduct research for the purpose of finding important information. It is also called references and citations. You will be asked to create a bibliography, references, or citations depending on your essay’s format.

References do not include authors’ names and titles. It is a summary of each source. A student has to explain the main point of the used book or article, what topics are discussed and what it is about.

Annotated bibliography topics are endless. It simplifies the job for students. To provide professional references, review as many topics as possible and choose the one that sounds interesting. The subject that you can understand and prove its relevance will help me write an annotated bibliography.

MLA Annotated Bibliography

When creating bibliography annotations in this format, follow the structure: last name, first name, the title, the publisher and the publishing year. Afterward, write a summary of the text, provide your assessment, and discuss how successful the author's investigation of the topic is and whether it changed your view on the subject. Write how the book or article helped you to come up with an argument.

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Review the example of how to create an annotated bibliography in MLA format below:

  • Kahneman, Daniel. Thinking, Fast and Slow. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011.

Write at least three paragraphs including:

  • a summary of the book - identify the main arguments and give a short description of the book
  • an evaluation – assess the book by providing information whether the source is reliable, biased, or objective, whether it is helpful in comparison to other sources that you have used in your assignment
  • a reflection – provide arguments that the book was helpful and assisted you in shaping your argument

Review good topics for annotated bibliography according to your degree level. If you write your first assignment, we would recommend you to look for essay examples and learn how to create references correctly.

APA Annotated Bibliography

When creating bibliography annotations in APA format, follow the structure: last name, first name initial, the publishing year, the title, the publisher. The following structure is similar to MLA format. It does not necessarily include a reflection. Write two paragraphs only. The first is a brief summary of the book, the second is the evaluation of it.

Review the example of how to create an annotated bibliography in APA style below:

  • Kahneman, D. (2011). Thinking, Fast and Slow. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Creating referencing seems like a very difficult task. It is much complicated than writing an essay. This task requires skills and time. An annotated bibliography needs you to answer a lot of questions, therefore, you need to select good annotated bibliography topics and sources to scoop interesting and relevant information.

Good topics Annotated Bibliography for College Students

The Internet is the best place to find thousands of topics that can be helpful. The topic depends on your degree level and skills. We advise you to select the topics that you have a good understanding of and can analyze. Do not try to seem cleverer by choosing a complicated subject. Lack of information and low quality of writing will not bring you a deserved result.

Review top ten topics to suit your essay:

  • Binge drinking in colleges
  • Children abuse in families
  • Drunk driving
  • Feminism: Fashion or Belief
  • Internet addiction among youngsters
  • Student progress and success
  • Tattoos
  • Issues in Nursing
  • Classrooms of the 21st century
  • Teaching comprehension

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