Different Types of Research Papers and Their Distinctive Features

A research paper is one of the most complicated academic assignments due to the fact that its success depends on whether you have great analytical skills or not. When writing a research paper, it is necessary to keep in mind that all thoughts should be organized the right way. A well-written paper is a piece of writing which includes the in-depth analysis of a certain problem, critical thinking, and evaluation of the sources used for the paper.

Before you get started, learn what types of research papers there are. Those students who have never composed such papers may be surprised when discovering that there is more than one type of this paper. Wonder what are the two types of research papers? Have a closer look at the various types of scientific research papers for you to know how they differ.

The Two Major Types of Research Paper: Argumentative and Analytical

What are two main types of research papers? Among different types of research paper, two major types: analytical and argumentative are distinguished. Each of them has its own purpose. It is not difficult to guess what it is when looking at their names. Check out what you need to disclose to each one:

  • Argumentative: This kind of work supposes that you should provide your standpoint in the thesis statement. Choose a debatable topic and find as many arguments as possible to persuade the reader that your opinion is worthy. You will write an A-grade project if you provide well-reasoned ideas.
  • Analytical: This type of work implies that you need to set a question and look for the best solution analyzing the situation. Having good analytical skills is a must to get a high score for this work. Explore the subject field carefully to present your findings.

Now you have a clear picture of what two types of research paper are. Keep in mind that despite the distinctive features, these types of works have some common characteristics. It doesn't matter which paper you are going to write, compose it on the basis of the information taken from other sources. Don’t copy somebody's thoughts as any type of research must be original.

What Are the Different Types of Research Papers?

If a teacher hasn't assigned to write a certain kind of research work, you are free to choose it on your own. To do this, you need to know which types of research exist. Depending on the chosen kind of work, the structure of your work will be different as well as the main purpose of writing. If you have no idea on what kinds of papers there are, check out the list of the types of papers and their main distinctive features:

  • Persuasive: Writing this type of work, your task is to convince that your standpoint on the topic is the right one.
  • Informative: The major goal of this research report is to inform the reader about a certain innovative method, a new development, etc.
  • Compare and Contrast: When composing this type of work, choose two points of view, compare and contrast them providing arguments.
  • Cause and Effect: The main aim of composing the cause and effect is to identify the relationship between the cause and the effect of a certain situation, action, etc.
  • Interpretive: The task of a writer is to interpret a certain topic making it clear and understandable for the reader.

Smart Tips for Crafting Powerful Research Projects

There are certain tips and tricks following which you can achieve the guaranteed success. Before you get started, learn how to write it the right way, what requirements to the writing style there are, and how to format the work in accordance with the well-known styles. Be careful when checking the recommendations below for you to benefit from these simple but effective tips:

  • Start searching for the relevant sources of information beforehand as the process of composing a project is time-consuming
  • Write a strong thesis statement
  • Make an introduction both eye-catching and powerful
  • Assure that your standpoint has a solid basis
  • Make an outline not to miss details that may play a vital role
  • Compose a draft with the free flow of thoughts
  • Proofread and edit if necessary in order to make sure that there are no mistakes that can spoil the overall impression made by your work
  • Assure that all your findings are logical
  • Provide solid evidence of your standpoint on the basis of the well-known facts
  • Format a paper taking into account the peculiarities of the required style. Check whether you need to use APA or MLA style

If you understand that there is a large possibility that you have made mistakes, ask a professional editor to check your work. Keep in mind that you shouldn't underestimate the importance of the correct formatting and grammar usage. You can impress your teachers with the brilliantly-written content, but your efforts will be just a waste of time if the work contains misspellings and the wrong grammar.

The Best Paper Topic Ideas for You to Choose From

Depending on the type of your assignment, you should pick the most suitable topic. If you lack the creativity when brainstorming research paper ideas, choose one of the most interesting topics for school, college, and university students listed below. When picking the best topic for conducting research, give preference to the one you are interested in the most.

Topic Ideas for High-School Students:

  • Write about the negative influence of drugs on the human health
  • Prove that smoking is a silent killer
  • Compare and contrast different types of educational systems
  • Express your opinion on the use of the Internet technologies
  • What is the difference between the white and blue collar workers?

Topic Ideas for College Students:

  • What is the connection between the insufficient sleep and stress?
  • Are there any effective ways to fight poverty?
  • How to be in high spirits always?
  • What is discrimination and how to get rid of it?
  • Examine the impact of the innovative smart technologies on the modern life

Topic Ideas for University Students:

  • Consider which drawbacks the Medicare system has
  • What is the connection between the high level of crimes and the poor level of economics?
  • Do men have better job opportunities than women nowadays?
  • How do computer games influence the kid's behavior?
  • What is the most effective method to motivate students to study hard?

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