The Ultimate Guide to Chicago Style Paper Format

Chicago style paper format is the well-known notion for students who are to write various assignments and use the correct form of citation. The main question is how to write a paper in Chicago style format to comply with all requirements.

It has its own peculiar rules and nuances. It is used in the sphere of publishing. All scientific and social works are written in accordance with the rules of formatting and citing described in the Chicago Stylistic Directory.

This manual is updated on the basis of editorial practice and includes all aspects, for example, grammar, lexicon, formatting, etc. Many students still wonder what Chicago style paper format is. The simplest answer is that this is a style widely used in social and scientific articles as well as in many historical digests.

Main Tips on how to Cite in Chicago Style Paper Format

How to format a Chicago style paper is a question asked not by freshers. It is not difficult to follow the general requirements:

  • Page numbers start on the first-page header with a number 1.
  • Use the standard font - Times New Roman or Palatino.
  • The font size should be 12 points (less is not desirable).
  • A single interval between the lines of notes and the bibliography. However, there should be an empty line between the notes or bibliography items.
  • A block quote is not enclosed in quotation marks.
  • The width of the fields is set to 2.54 cm and 3.81 cm at most.
  • The interval should be double one between the lines. Exceptions: long quotes, tables, and figures; the citation of prose from five or more lines;
  • Additional input must precede the quotation, and follow it.
  • Subheadings are used for longer documents. It is allowed to think over your own type of subtitles, but it is to be observed throughout the entire document. Before sub-headings, and also after them, there is an empty line. The point after the subtitles is not required.

There are two citation types:

  • the style of the humanitarian sciences. References to sources are given in footnotes on the page;
  • the scientific style - the author and date of the source are indicated in parentheses in the text and in the list of sources used.

Chicago Style Research Paper Format – Some More Nuances

For books which authorship belongs to more than three persons, but less than ten, all names are fully listed in the bibliography. In the note, however, you must specify only the surname of the main author, the remaining names are replaced by the phrase “and others.” Chicago style paper format without title page has the same rules.

If the work was written by many authors (ten or more), only the first seven are commonly fully listed in the bibliography; other ones can be replaced with “and others.”

As for the main rules, they are the following:

  • The name and the surname of the author are written starting with the name (for instance, Jack London)
  • When making the bibliography lists, use them vise versa (for example, London, Jack).

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