How to Choose a Format for a Term Paper and Get a High Grade?

All college students are required to write a term paper at the end of a semester. This is a research work that shows to a teacher how a certain student has learned a particular course. For every student, it’s very important to fulfill this assignment on a high level and get a good grade. Needless to say, this is a difficult work that requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and good skills in writing and researching.

Your term paper should be organized with all requirements of formatting. Not all students are able to make a successful term paper. Some of them need instructions apart from the information provided by a professor. We have created this detailed guide to help students in making this important work successfully. Follow our useful tips, and create a great document without wasting your time!

The Basic Parts of Term Paper Format

Writing a term paper may seem a difficult task until you discover its main parts and make an outline. We promise that everything will be much easier when you learn the main parts of this document and create a detailed plan for your future work. Let’s define what is term paper format and which parts this document must have:

  1. Introduction. This is the first part of your work where you need to present the background of your future research to your audience. Here a student has to explain why he or she has chosen this topic. This is a short but very important part of your entire document. The first paragraph should contain a thesis statement - this is the main idea of your writing
  2. Literature review. Here you need to summarize all books, and other documents you have used for making a term paper
  3. Methods. In this part, you have to write about methods that were used for your research
  4. Discussions. Here you should put discussions about how the results of your research work can support your thesis. Keep in mind that you need to show how the results are related to the problem faced by the statement, and what solutions it’s possible to make using them
  5. Conclusion. This is the last part of your work where you have to restate a thesis and finish the document logically. We suggest making this part clear and short. You should never put any new facts here, but provide your readers with a short summary of the entire research

APA and MLA Formatting Styles

When you are working on your writing, it’s important to complete this task in accordance with all instructions for a format in making term paper. When you are conducting research on a particular subject, you need to use a certain style for citing your sources. If you didn’t do it, the teacher might accuse you of plagiarism. The most commonly used term paper formats are MLA and APA styles. These formats are used for different documents:

  • APA is a format of term paper writing that is used for writing social topics. If you need to cite a book in this style, you should mention this data:
    • The name of the author
    • The title of the book
    • The year when this book was published
    • The publisher and its location
  • MLA is a format that is used for humanities and liberal arts. Here are the things you should mention:
    • The publication name
    • The date and location of the publication

How to Format a Term Paper in MLA Style

Use the following requirements to format your work in MLA style:

  • Your work should be typed and printed on white sheets (standard size 8.5 X 11-inch
  • Use a readable font for the entire document and double-space your work
  • Use 12 pt. font for the entire document
  • Leave one space after punctuation marks or periods (unless your teacher asked to do it another way)
  • Margins on all sides of your document should be 1 inch
  • Make an indentation for the first line of every paragraph (½-inch from the left side)
  • Number all pages of your document consecutively (keep in mind that your teacher may ask you to omit the first page’s number)
  • Italicize titles or words inside your work only if it’s really necessary
  • All endnotes should be gathered on a separate page

These are just standard requirements, and you have to understand that your professor might give you some additional instructions.We suggest reading recommendations very carefully.

How to Format a Term Paper in APA Style

According to APA style requirements, this is a sample of how your document must be formatted:

  • Type and double-space your work on white sheets (8.5 X 11.5)
  • Set 1-inch margins on all sides of your document
  • Use a well-readable font (Times New Roman 12 pt. is highly recommended)
  • Put a running head at the top of the page. The running head is the short version of your document’s title (it should be not more than 50 characters)
  • The title page should include such information as the title of your document, the name of the writer, and the institutional affiliation
  • Your abstract shouldn’t exceed 250 words. Double-space the text and put it in a separate paragraph. Here you need to mention the topic of your work, questions of your research, participants of research, methods, results, analysis of data and conclusions. You also may write here your thoughts about possible future research connected to your own work.

Sometimes students may be required to add keywords to your document in the abstract. Keywords are used for those people that will be looking for papers related to your subject. It’s important to include a list of valid keywords to help researchers to find your document in electronic databases.

If you need more information about formatting your paper, we suggest searching for examples of term papers in APA format to understand what the entire document must look like.

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